SonicWall introduces SuperMassive next-gen firewalls with enough oomph for data centers

is announcing at the RSA conference this week four next-generation firewalls designed with enough speed for deployment in data centers.

Initially the family of SuperMassive E10000 devices support a 16-core architecture that will grow to 96 cores as chip technology develops to enable 10Gbps anti-spyware, anti-malware protection, 30Gbps application control, SSL inspection and intrusion prevention, and 40Gbps stateful firewall protection.

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The four models are based on a single chassis that can be populated with up to eight cards to expand capacity, so customers can upgrade from one model to another. Also, eight of the chassis can be linked to expand throughput or to run in high-availability mode.

The company says it built the SuperMassive gear with power economy in mind and claims that its Gbps/Watt ratio is the best among next-generation firewall gear.

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