Spaced Gray Lady: The New York Times coverage of Apple is less than stellar


[table flip]

Who needs a tablet in this era of big phones and ultraportable laptops

Who needs trombones in this era of flutes and tubas

If you use your tablet mainly for watching media, for instance, AmazonAmazon will sell you a very good one that does just that for less than $100. AppleApple's cheapest iPad goes for $299. Alles zu Amazon auf Alles zu Apple auf

You like 6-inch, 8GB devices that show ads, right Oh, you don't OK, then these two things that I just said are exactly the same except for price aren't the same at all. Apple's cheapest iPad is $249 as of Thursday, by the way. It features a larger screen, twice the memory, and no ads. And while Apple admits to a decline in iPad sales in recent quarters, Amazon has never given Kindle Fire sales figures. Ever.

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