Syncplicity unveils service to centralize data, collaboration, backup

Online data management vendor Syncplicity on Tuesday released the Business Edition of its service that includes data collaboration, file management, backup and automatic synchronization between desktop and cloud applications.

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The online service creates a centralized repository in the cloud that automatically synchronizes with any and all devices. The service makes the data repository the central hub of a user's information, detaching the data from a specific device. Business Edition includes a client that installs on PCs or other devices and is used to synchronize files between the device and cloud repository. Updated files are available from any devices in real-time.

Syncplicity is building the service off its consumer offering, which already stores 200 million files and more than 256 terabytes of data.

The service also can integrate with Web applications such as GoogleGoogle Apps, allowing users to create documents with those online tools and synchronize them with the Syncplicity Business Edition service. Alles zu Google auf

For example, when a document is changed on a local computer it can be synchronized with the users' Netbook device but also with an online application such as Google Apps. The Syncplicity service pushes the update into Google Apps. If the file changes in Google Apps, the changes will then flow back to the desktop where it was originally created.

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