The best office apps for Android tablets


The spreadsheet editor in Quickoffice Pro HD is solid, but it falls short of reaching the same level of excellence that OfficeSuite Pro achieves. The app supports multiple worksheets but lacks chart creation tools and other advanced features. It has some data-manipulation functions but hides them in a curiously small scrollable box. Compared to OfficeSuite Pro, Quickoffice's interface looks noticeably less sharp and compelling, with far fewer options in easily accessible places.

ThinkFree Mobile for Tablet

ThinkFree Mobile is another mixed bag when it comes to spreadsheet editing. The app has some useful features, like basic chart creation, shape insertion, and text box insertion, but it's missing certain items, such as a list of data-manipulation functions. Want to calculate an average or add up a row of numbers You won't find any way to do it in this program.

The verdictOnce again, OfficeSuite Pro steals the show. It combines a great interface with a powerful lineup of features, leaving every other office suite in its dust.

The best Android tablet presentation softwareOnly four of our five Android office suite contenders offer support for presentations -- sorry, Docs -- and each has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

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