The Essential Guide to Web Services

Von Sari Kalin
Kaum ein Thema hat in der letzten Zeit für so überspannte Marketingsprüche gesorgt wie Web Services. Natürlich steht wieder einmal nichts Geringeres ins Haus als eine Revolution. Doch was könnte die vielversprechende Technik ermöglichen?

Quelle: Darwin, USA

Admit it. you were tempted to skip this story because a)you have no idea what Web services are or why you'd need anessential guide to them; b) you're vaguely familiar with Webservices and think the topic is so technically esoteric thatonly your IS department needs to worry about it; or c)you've heard so much hype about how Web services willradically change the way companies do business that you'recertain the technology's been vastly overrated.

Well, it's a good thing you've decided to read on. BecauseWeb services do represent a fundamental shift inthe way companies build and use software. They canmake it easier to link complex business systems, saving yourcompany time and money and, in turn, letting it respond moreflexibly to business demands. You must learn thebasics about Web services - even if you'll never have towrite a single line of code yourself - because businessexecutives have a crucial role to play in ensuring thesuccess of any Web services strategy. And trust us, youwill need a Web services strategy, because Webservices won't just fade away.

This story will help you understand what Web services are, how theywork, why they won't be the answer to every technology problem andwhat responsibilities a business executive has in shaping a company'sWeb services plans. We promise to keep the gnarly tech terms,three-letter acronyms and unadulterated hype to a minimum.

What are Web services?

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