Tips for High-Availability Hospital Care

As more hospitals rely on technologies to carry-out their core processes, Emerson Network Power, shares six tips for uninterrupted hospital care and service during extended outages.

"In seasons of extreme heat, power outages -- particularly in the Southeast Asia region -- are common," said Hitesh Prajapati, channels senior director for Emerson Network Power. "While recent years have seen more hospitals adopt technologies to streamline their patient-care services, it is equally important for them to devise business continuity plans so that these services will continue to be available despite incidences of power failure."

Here are six ways hospitals can adapt their business continuity plans to current technology and expectations:

1. Redefine business critical.

Backup power systems have been extended to protect operating rooms and other critical facilities, allowing them to continue to function during outages. But hospitals also need to be able to accept patients during extreme weather events. Will parking lots and other exterior lighting be working What about food services In an extended outage just about every hospital system becomes critical.

2. Know your dependencies.

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