Uber’s Business Profiles make it easier to expense a ride

Uber is catering to business users with the ability to switch between work and personal profiles.

After providing a work e-mail address, users can set up a separate credit card, add expense memos and project codes, and direct receipts to the appropriate inbox. There’s also an option to receive monthly or weekly expense reports.

Switching between profiles takes just a couple of taps within the Uber app. The option to switch appears in a drop-down box on the confirmation screen, with the last four digits of the associated credit card next to it. Users can also create badges to associate with personal and business profiles, and can rename either profile at any time.

Uber says it handles millions of business rides every week, and working on more business travel features that it hasn’t announced yet. Note that the new Business Profiles feature is separate from Uber for Business, which lets companies manage and pay for their employees’ trips directly.

Why this matters: Although Uber already offered a way to switch between payment methods, getting expense reports to the right email address was trickier. Business profiles are the type of feature that seem obvious in hindsight, and Uber is surely hoping it’ll increase the odds of business users ordering a ride through app instead of taking a taxi.


Jared Newman

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