Verbatim Wireless Desktop Laser Mouse

Verbatim's is a good wireless mouse for people who prefer to use the 2.4GHz wireless spectrum with a USB receiver connected to their Mac instead of Bluetooth.

The mouse's almost symmetrical design allows it to be used with either the left or right hand. There's a pair of buttons along the left side that you can press using the thumb on your right hand. Users who mouse with their left hand press these two buttons with the ring finger or pinkie.

The mouse has five buttons: the aforementioned buttons on the left side, the left and right click buttons, and a scroll wheel button. All buttons can be programmed using Verbatim's software, which appears in the Other section of System Preferences. You can assign any of the buttons to F-key functions, Dashboard, Exposé, Cut, Copy, Paste, and more. Of course, you can also use the standard Mac Keyboard & Mouse preferences if you prefer.

The left and right click buttons take a little more effort to press than with other mice I've used. Although I didn't experience any fatigue or soreness, clicking and dragging was more of an effort than it should be.

(Image Caption: Verbatim Wireless Desktop Mouse)

The scroll wheel has a gently notched feel when you roll it up or down. You can also nudge the wheel left or right to scroll horizontally. The scroll wheel isn't as freewheeling as the omnidirectional scroll ball on AppleApple's ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ), but whether that's a pro or a con is a matter of personal preference. Alles zu Apple auf

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