Verizon hit by an 8-hour email outage

A lot of Verizon's email customers woke up this morning to find that their service was down. And for many, the problem lasted for about 8 hours.

Verizon customers began tweeting early this morning that their email wasn't working. And while neither Verizon or Verizon Support acknowledged on Twitter that there even was a problem, Verizon Support did reach out to some users and asked them to send direct messages about the situation.

John Bonomo, a spokesman for Verizon, said in an email to Computerworld that the email problem began around 2 a.m. ET and was resolved about 10 a.m. ET

"We are investigating the cause. The issue prevented customers (not all) from being able to use the POP3 email service, but it did not impact customers' ability to use Webmail or login to the Verizon portals," Bonomo wrote.

People from the Pittsburgh area to Massachusetts and Washington state were complaining on Twitter about the outage.

"#Verizonoutage What's up Verizon. Are you serious Email servers down EVERYWHERE" Karen Fox tweeted.

A Twitter user who calls herself Kim tweeted, "Argh @Verizon. Email's down. We are having a rotten couple of weeks, you and I."

And Barry Ritholtz noted: "Verizon's deal has not even closed with AOL, and ALREADY there are email problems."

Earlier this month, Verizon announced plans to buy Internet pioneer AOL for $4.4 billion. Verizon noted that executives hope the acquisition will help them build out the company's digital offerings, along with the Internet of Things and wireless video service.


Sharon Gaudin

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