Veta is a smart EpiPen case that could save your life

The CES show floor is chock full of gadgets designed help you live a healthy life, but few of those devices can actually save your life. That’s why I had to check out Veta, a Bluetooth EpiPen case that prevents you from leaving the house without the life-saving injection.

EpiPens are essential to have on hand for people prone to severe allergic reactions, so Aterica Digital Health developed the Veta to send a push notification to your phone via its corresponding iOS and Android app when your case is out of Bluetooth range. The case also sounds the alarm when you can’t find it, by literally blaring and flashing a bright white light.

For parents, the Veta might bring some peace of mind. The case sends a notification to an emergency contact when an EpiPen is removed from the case, so if a child is having an allergic reaction, the parent knows immediately. If the removal wasn’t due to an allergic reaction, the kid can send an “I’m OK” notification to prevent parental heart attack.

Veta is currently available for preorder online, starting at $59 for one case.


Caitlin McGarry

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