What we know about Oracle Cloud Office, OpenOffice.org


Meeks calls Oracle Cloud Office a "pipe dream" loaded with "insurmountable technical challenges."

Burton Group's Creese is not as pessimistic, but he said he agrees that AJAX-type technologies won't suffice for enterprise-class features. He favors a rich Internet application such as Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight.

4. When might Oracle Cloud Office arrive

Apparently confirming last year's report, Screven said that Sun had been working on Oracle Cloud Office "for some time."

Even with that, Tobias Kuipers, CTO of the Software Improvement Group, thinks it will take a while. "In order for it to run on the cloud a large part of the system needs to be adapted," he wrote. "If we assume that this part is 25%, which is a low assumption, then a rewrite effort is going to take 100 man-years."

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