Why Google+ is the place for passions


Google+'s bad reputation is based entirely on such pronouncements by such influencers.

The conventional wisdom about non-activity on Google+ among Facebook users is pretty similar.

And yet Google+ fans will tell you that it's buzzing with activity, with many saying that they feel overwhelmed by the quantity of posts, comments and engagement.

I think I know why Twitter and FacebookFacebook fans don't get Google+. Alles zu Facebook auf CIO.de

Google's current head of social networking, Dave Besbris, really nailed what people misunderstand about Google+ when he said this in an interview this week: "People underestimate the connection Google+ has with its users around interests." He went on: "The social networking space is really dominated by audience as much as features. I'm really happy with the audience that we have. They're very passionate, they love Google+ to death. [They see] Google+ as a social network for their interests."

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