Why Google+ is the place for passions


But it's not accurate to say Google+ is dead. It's the opposite of dead. It's thriving, vibrant, active place. It's just not Twitter. And it's not Facebook.

The reason I like Google+ so much is that I'm very passionate about my interests, and I want to base my social networking around that passion. I also like the provably superior level of the conversations, the obviously superior anti-troll features and the fact that Google+ has zero advertising -- but does have the best photo tools and video Hangouts. Those are all icing on the cake.

As for Alexia Tsotsis I love following her on Twitter. But she's wrong about Google+. She came to Google+ looking for Twitter and didn't find it. That is all.

Now that I've sorted that out, you'll have to excuse me. I'm going to get back to interacting with my international friends around my cupcake passion. (Don't judge!)


Mike Elgan

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