Windows 8, Surface Tablets to Lead Microsoft's Fight for Relevance in 2013


"The reality is that AppleApple has the consumer locked and hardware partners are choosing Android over Windows," he says. "For so long, Microsoft was the one, but the company will have to get used to being one of many." Alles zu Apple auf

Windows 8 Will Keep Microsoft in the Game (But it Won't Be Easy)

The days of Windows dominance may be waning, but according to Forrester Research senior analyst David Johnson, Windows 8 will still keep Microsoft in the enterprise and consumer games in 2013.

Despite being a late entry in the mobile market with fewer apps and higher resource requirements than iOS and Android, Windows 8 still has big advantages even with its two-headed user interface, notes Johnson.

First, Microsoft is the only vendor with a tablet and desktop operating system in one, allowing one Windows 8 tablet to replace both a PC and a tablet, thus saving the customer money in the long run as well as potentially attracting developers. A Windows 8 tablet is also the only tablet that will run the full Microsoft Office 2013 suite.

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