Windows 8, Surface Tablets to Lead Microsoft's Fight for Relevance in 2013


Additionally, Microsoft touts enterprise management features within Windows 8, but that could be a double-edged sword on tablets, warns Johnson.

"Windows 8 still requires the same care as Windows 7, including patching, software deployment, provisioning and antivirus protection," he says. "At the same time, Forrester clients report they trust iOS devices for corporate use with comparatively few controls in place such as passcode enforcement and the ability to wipe the device remotely."

Johnson emphasizes that iPad adoption and management is an easier problem to solve for many businesses than permitting Windows 8 tablets, a trend that could become a major problem for Microsoft throughout this year.

Nevertheless, Johnson says he believes that by the end of 2013 Microsoft will be in a better position than many expect. More Windows 8 apps will be available and the tile-based user interface will grow on employees and consumers, he says. "We expect to see Windows 8 to slowly become a driving force behind BYODBYOD [bring your own device]." Alles zu BYOD auf

But Microsoft's ultimate weapons in 2013 may just be time, money and marketing muscle, says Miller of Directions on Microsoft.

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