Quality Monitoring

Workforce Optimization Technology Markets to 2007


As the North American call center market matures, vendors are steadily moving into international markets, particularly Western Europe. However, the Western European market varies greatly by region in terms of the size and shape of each market. Differing cultural and language issues, regulatory environments (despite the existence of the EU), types of economy, infrastructure and a number of other issues will force vendors to approach each market differently.

The future decoded

The future workforce optimization market will have a very different composition from today's makeup. eLearning and agent analytics will make up 43% of the total market, up from 22% in 2001. This will be led in part by QM vendors who will shift their product offerings from point solutions to upgradeable packages to include agent analytics and eLearning functionality.

The following diagram depicts the segmentation of workforce optimization technology revenues in 2007, by application. Datamonitor estimates that by 2007 the global workforce optimization market will be worth $1.5 billion.

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