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Relaxman Relaxation Capsule
Witzigster Kommentar der Amazon-User: Recently we've been ambushed by cloaked Romulan ships along the neutral zone border and let me tell you, the cost of photon torpedoes is outlandish. Having to strip apart them to use as caskets for our dearly departed redshirts is no walk in the park either. But thanks to this Relaxman Relaxation Capsule, our expenses have dropped! Also, it's double crew morale. Our red shirts know that they will get to spend eternity floating through space literally Resting In Peace. They fit perfectly in our photon torpedo launchers, no modifications required! We did have to scare away a few Ferrengi scavengers from taking any capsules we launched, but it is still well worth the price. I'm recommending this to every ship in the fleet.

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