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Open source challenges a proprietary Internet of Things

The only limit to the Internet of Things isn't imagination or technology. It's the vendors. Will your Whirlpool, Maytag or GE washer be able to communicate with your Samsung TV or Apple iPhone, Sears' oven or any other device » zum Artikel

Red Hat Extends JBoss with Open Source BPM

The new suite is built on a combination of BPM technology from Red Hat's 2012 acquisition of Polymita Technologies and the latest version of Red Hat's business rules platform, JBoss BRMS 6, also released Tuesday. The new suite is a platform for BPM that provides support for modeling, automating, simulating and monitoring business processes. » zum Artikel

München macht weiter in Open Source

Groupware von Kolab: München macht weiter in Open Source (Foto: Gary -
Groupware von Kolab: Nachdem die Stadt München die meisten ihrer Arbeitsplatzrechner von Windows NT auf die eigene Linux-Distribution LiMux umgestellt hat, wird jetzt auch eine quelloffene Groupware eingeführt. » zum Artikel
  • Thomas Cloer

Munich opts for open source groupware from Kolab

Munich is continuing its switch to open source software with its decision to start using Kolab Enterprise groupware for its city-wide IT infrastructure. » zum Artikel

Cisco details Sourcefire security threat integration, open source direction

Having acquired the security firm Sourcefire last October, Cisco is using this week's RSA Conference as the showcase for how Cisco's security products are being integrated as well as detailing how it will cut an open-source path for the next-generation application-layer firewall/IPS. » zum Artikel

Storage on a budget: GlusterFS shines in open source storage test

One alternative to buying expensive storage-area networks or other hardware-based dedicated storage is to deploy open source storage software on existing server hardware. For this test, we evaluated three such open source storage products, GlusterFS 3.3, Ceph 0.72 and Apache Hadoop 2.2.0. » zum Artikel

PayPal announces Apple and Intel veteran as first head of open source

PayPal has appointed veteran Silicon Valley technology leader Danese Cooper as its first head of open source. » zum Artikel

Facebook Open Sources Thrift Protocol ... Again

Facebook today "re-open-sourced" the Thrift binary communication protocol with its own internal branch of Thrift, which is designed to provide a new set of core features and crank up performance. » zum Artikel

GoGrid wants to be your open source alternative to Amazon's cloud databases

Amazon Web Services is a juggernaut in the infrastructure as a service market, but GoGrid, a midsize IaaS competitor that aims to be the cloud for big data, says it wants to offer an alternative to AWS's platform. And it's hoping to do so through open source databases. » zum Artikel

Hiring managers advise job seekers to contribute to open-source projects

Contributing to open-source projects can give software developers an edge over other applicants in the competitive IT job market, say hiring professionals. » zum Artikel

7 Reasons Not to Use Open Source Software

Talk to an open source evangelist and chances are he or she will tell you that software developed using the open source model is the only way to go. » zum Artikel

DARPA shows off clearinghouse site for open-source code and information

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency debuted a new website dedicated to sharing open-source data and publications today, calling it the DARPA Open Catalog. » zum Artikel

Open source software used for Foreign Office Crisis Hub

More details about the Foreign Office's recently announced digital Crisis Hub have emerged. » zum Artikel

The Open Source Rookies of the Year Awards

The sixth annual Black Duck Open Source Rookies of the Year awards recognize the top open source projects initiated in the past year. This year's Open Source Rookies honorees span cloud and software virtualization, privacy, social media, and Internet of things projects that address needs in the enterprise, government, gaming, and consumer applications, reflecting important trends in the open source ... » zum Artikel

Microsoft expands open-source efforts in Asia

A Microsoft Open Technologies subsidiary is coming to Shanghai, as the company aims to expand its open-source and open standards efforts in China. » zum Artikel

4 reasons companies say yes to open source

When individual developers think of open source, they think "free." And with good cause: Who in their right mind wouldn't be interested in technology that they can get at no cost and use with few licensing restrictions » zum Artikel

Warum offene Systeme mehr Sicherheit bieten

Open Source Software: Warum offene Systeme mehr Sicherheit bieten (Foto: Peter Houlihan)
Open Source Software: Immer mehr Unternehmen setzen auf Open Source, um das Risiko von Backdoors zu senken. Dieses Sicherheitsbedürfnis könnte den gesamten Softwaremarkt verändern. » zum Artikel

German coalition favors German-owned or open source software, aims to lock NSA out

Germany's new coalition government listed open source software among its IT policy priorities, and said it will take steps to protect its citizens against espionage threats from the NSA and other foreign intelligence agencies. » zum Artikel

Switch to open source successfully completed, city of Munich says

Munich's switch to open-source software has been successfully completed, with the vast majority of the public administration's users now running its own version of Linux, city officials said Thursday. » zum Artikel

SAP courts developers with new license, tools, open-source contributions

SAP has made a series of announcements aimed at bringing more software developers into its fold, making their jobs easier and bolstering the reach of its HANA in-memory computing platform. » zum Artikel

Home appliance makers connect with open source 'Internet of things' project

Home appliances, cars and computers could soon be talking to one another thanks to an open source framework that has the backing of consumer electronics manufacturers in a new industry alliance. » zum Artikel

Open source 'wasn't available' two years ago, says Universal Credit chief

The head of delivery for the Department for Work and Pensions' (DWP) flagship welfare reform project, Universal Credit, has said that the department didn't adopt open source and web-based technologies at the beginning of the project because "such things weren't available" two and a half years ago. » zum Artikel

Georgia Tech researcher flags flaw in open-source vets health system

An academic exercise by a security researcher blossomed into a live-fire infosec emergency last month, after a major vulnerability was found in a central U.S. government healthcare database system. » zum Artikel

Linux gaming may advance as Valve joins open-source association

In a move that could add momentum to game development on Linux, game maker Valve has joined the Linux Foundation and will contribute tools for developers to work with its SteamOS. » zum Artikel

Department for Business Innovation and Skills deploys open source electronic document management

Open source consultancy Zaizi has been brought in by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) to deploy the Alfresco Collaboration and Records Management service. » zum Artikel

Is open source encryption the answer to NSA snooping

When Unisys CISO John Frymier came in to work on Friday, Sept. 6, the phones were ringing, and continued to ring all day. Customers were panicking over the news headlines of the day before. » zum Artikel

TAudioConverter review: Put a nice face on open-source audio transcoding

TAudioConverter, a graphical front end for state-of-the-art audio codecs, is now my go-to tool for converting files and ripping audio from video files. It's fast and comprehensive, has a nicer interface than my previous favorite fre:ac, and doesn't attempt to install extra stuff as Freemake's Audio Converter does. Freemake is suitable for those who don't understand audio formats...but for those ... » zum Artikel

Facebook Open Sources Its Embedded Database Code

Hot on the heels of Facebook's release of its Presto distributed SQL query engine to the open source community earlier this month, the social networking giant was back at it today--this time open sourcing RocksDB, an embedded, high-performance, single-node database engine. » zum Artikel

Facebook goes open source with its workhorse embedded data store

Continuing its practice of sharing internally developed software, Facebook has released as open source RocksDB, the embedded data store the company developed to serve content to its 1.2 billion users. » zum Artikel

The Weather Company turns to open source big data analytics

The Weather Company, which oversees brands such as The Weather Channel,, Weather Underground, Intellicast and WSI, has deployed an open source big data analytics system for its operations. » zum Artikel

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Anwender des auf Debian 6 basierenden Univention Corporate Server (UCS) können künftig mit wenigen Mausklicks zertifizierte Anwendungen aus dem erweiterten App Center zuschalten.
Der Hersteller des Dokumentenmanagement-Systems agorum core stellt auf der CeBIT neue Funktionen und Module für seine Lösung vor.
Der Hersteller des Dokumentenmanagement-Systems agorum core stellt auf der CeBIT neue Funktionen und Module für seine Lösung vor.