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12 cloud computing companies to watch

Venture capital investment has rebounded in recent years to healthy levels and one segment of the technology market that's basking in this is cloud computing. » zum Artikel

EMC bridge gap to 'third platform computing'

Storage giant, EMC, has released a new version of its Storage Resource management Suite as well as improvements to it software-defined-storage platform. » zum Artikel

Why CIOs stick with cloud computing despite NSA snooping scandal

Explosive revelations in the past six months about the U.S. government's massive cyber-spying activities have spooked individuals, rankled politicians and enraged privacy watchdogs, but top IT executives aren't panicking -- yet. » zum Artikel

Apple's new Mac Pro signals commitment to professional computing

Apple is sending a signal that it hasn't abandoned the professional computing market with the latest Mac Pro, which will ship next month. But the workstation faces competition from its own sibling iMac as computer buyers weigh purchases. » zum Artikel

Salesforce's Superpod shows big clients want to be treated differently, says SAP cloud chief

Salesforce's recent tie-up with HP to provide large enterprises with their own private stack in Salesforce's data centre is an indication that big clients want to be treated differently in the cloud. » zum Artikel

Trojan program steals log-in credentials, other sensitive data from SAP client applications

A recently discovered malicious program steals log-in passwords and other sensitive information from SAP client applications and allows cybercriminals to access SAP servers from infected workstations. » zum Artikel

User-centric computing: No more lip service

Change and confusion reign in the technology world today. Consumerization, mobility and virtualization are disrupting the vendor landscape to an astounding degree. As an analyst at Forrester Research, I field between 90 and 120 inquiry calls every quarter from industry leaders trying to make sense of all these disruptions, which gives me a very good sense of what's missing. Gradually, new insights ... » zum Artikel

Intel aims new Professional line of SSDs at enterprise, SMB clients

Intel will launch a new family of SSDs at this week's Intel Developer Forum, offering security and remote management features for enterprise and small-business client devices. » zum Artikel

How to test the waters when it comes to cloud computing

After a period of reluctance, organisations are beginning to trust the cloud, but the decision far from ends at acceptance. Do you go public or private Or do you go for a combination of both -- otherwise known as a hybrid. The latter is allowing to dip before diving in. » zum Artikel

Cloud computing causing rethinking of disaster recovery

Cloud computing gives organizations the opportunity to rethink many traditional IT practices, but it may be a particularly good fit for disaster recovery and business continuity. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix caught up with IBM Distinguished Engineer Richard Cocchiara, who is CTO and the Managing Partner of Consulting for IBM's Business Continuity & Resiliency Services, for his perspective ... » zum Artikel

Dell pushes harder on encryption, anti-malware for client devices

Dell today said it's ready with new anti-malware defense and encryption offerings for businesses using its PCs, laptops and Android-based mobile devices. » zum Artikel

Cloud computing can slash IT expenses by half, DataOne executive says

In today's competitive business landscape, CEOs and business owners are continually seeking ways to do more with less. » zum Artikel

Powerful thin clients may be alternative to PCs

Thin clients introduced this week by Dell and Hewlett-Packard have faster processor than existing thin clients as well as high-definition graphics capabilities, so they could be alternatives to traditional PCs as computing continues moving to the cloud. » zum Artikel

New Wave Computing Implements VMware VDI for Span Infotech

You'd think that customer relationships that have been built over time ensure loyalty. Think again. The truth is that, given the amount of choice customers have today, a long relationship doesn't ensure anything more than a foot in the door. For Bangalore-based New Wave Computing, a VDI implementation for a 13-year-old customer, Span Infotech, was going to bring that lesson home. » zum Artikel

Dell launches COMPASS computing model for content creators

Dell has launched a multi-vendor Cloud service for content creators, Dell Create, intended to help large broadcast companies, studios, creative shops and other media and entertainment customers improve content workflows with a centralised IT environment. » zum Artikel

Gartner: Long hard climb to high level of cloud computing security

It's still a long, hard climb to get to a high level of security in cloud computing, according to Gartner research vice president Jay Heiser, who said business and government organizations with sensitive data appear likely to hold back from cloud-based services until things improve. » zum Artikel

Gartner: In-memory computing hits mainstream

In-memory computing is "racing towards mainstream adoption", according to analyst firm Gartner. » zum Artikel

Know the key legal and security risks in a cloud-computing contract

ORLANDO -- Enterprises that store data with cloud providers may no longer have physical control over it, but they're still on the hook legally for its protection and security. » zum Artikel

Ohne Cloud-Strategie wird es teuer

IT-Strategietage: Ohne Cloud-Strategie wird es teuer (Foto: Foto Vogt)
IT-Strategietage: CSC-Manager Jim Houghton ist davon überzeugt, dass der Aufbau und das Management komplexer Cloud-Architekturen zur Kernaufgabe von CIOs wird. Er erklärte auf den IT-Strategietagen, wie die "Agility-Platform" ServiceMesh das Management, die Automatisierung und Integration von Cloud-Services und Enterprise-Applikationen erleichtert. » zum Artikel

Smarter Celeno Wi-Fi chip manages device throughput

What if your home Wi-Fi router could juggle all your smartphones, tablets, laptops, consoles and the rest of your technostuff, weigh the different types of traffic, and then make adjustments to optimize throughput for each device New firmware for Celeno Communications' Wi-Fi chips is intended to do just that. » zum Artikel

IBM to invest $10m in building NZ Cloud capability

IBM has announced an investment of more than $10 million in its New Zealand Cloud capability to meet the needs of public sector agencies and private organisations. » zum Artikel

New platform can eliminate 70 percent of physical servers: Unisys

Unisys' 'breakthrough' fabric-based technology, Forward, is now available for delivery to Australian customers. » zum Artikel

Chromebooks getting VMware virtual desktop service

VMware will offer virtual desktop services for Google's Chromebooks, allowing them to run Windows applications on the pared-down laptops based on the Chrome OS. » zum Artikel

IBM launches business unit to make Watson a moneymaker

IBM continues to commercialize its Watson-branded cognitive computing technology, setting up a new Watson business unit and unveiling two new Watson-derived services. » zum Artikel

VMware, Nvidia Revolutionizing Secure Cloud Desktop

It's been an interesting few decades since Oracle and Sun Microsystems argued that we should shift computing from the desktop to servers and first created somewhat-viable thin clients - when I say "interesting," I mean the solutions. From the standpoint of the user and in terms of cost, generally stunk. » zum Artikel

IBM SoftLayer takes Loft into the Cloud

Australian creative digital agency Loft has used IBM SoftLayer's Cloud services to transform its traditional education business. » zum Artikel

VMware acquires AirWatch to boost mobile device, application management

VMware has reached a deal to acquire mobile management specialist AirWatch for US$1.54 billion, as it aims let users manage desktops, mobile devices and applications using its products. » zum Artikel

Continuous IT Innovation Shapes the Future of Financial Services Firm

LPL Financial is a leader in the financial services industry, and the journey to that position has involved dramatic growth in a relatively short time. Since LPL achieved scale, the company has focused on operational excellence and client satisfaction, including efforts to delight our 13,500 financial advisers and 700 institutional clients by anticipating--as opposed to merely meeting--their needs. » zum Artikel

Most CIOs plan to change their technology and sourcing relationships in next two years: Gartner

A recent global survey by Gartner finds 70 per cent of CIOs will change their technology and sourcing relationships in the next two to three years, as organisations struggle to adjust to a digital future. » zum Artikel

IBM latest tech company to deny links with NSA spy program

IBM said it has not provided client data to the U.S. National Security Agency or any other government agency under surveillance programs involving the bulk collection of content or metadata. » zum Artikel

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Venture capital investment has rebounded in recent years to healthy levels and one segment of the technology market that's basking in this is cloud computing.
Neben dem klassischen Desktop-PC spielen Geräte wie Notebooks, Smartphones oder Tablets im Unternehmen eine wichtige Rolle. Mit einem ausgeklügelten Client-Management lässt sich der heterogene Gerätepark effizient und kostengünstig verwalten.
Storage giant, EMC, has released a new version of its Storage Resource management Suite as well as improvements to it software-defined-storage platform.