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CIOs Predict IT Spending to Increase

More than half of CIOs (53 percent) plan increases to their overall IT budget in 2014, according to's most recent Tech Poll conducted in November 2013 among more than 200 top IT executives. » zum Artikel

Gadgets Galore: How to Keep Track of This Year's Tech Gear

If it seems there's been a new gadget released every week, you're not too far off. This year bore witness to a tech gadget explosion. The team at put together this handy infographic showing a plethora of consumer tech product releases and expected releases this year: » zum Artikel

Apple Suffers Bruising Week

From internal strife to competitors hitting their stride, Apple is having one of the roughest weeks of the year. This comes on the heels of a nasty hack to its developer's site that Apple is working to restore, although developers said earlier this week that it's still down. » zum Artikel

Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise Starting to Pay Off

Companies are beginning to reap ROI and productivity benefits from consumer technologies such as smartphones and tablets. As the trend grows, IT leaders are moving beyond first responder status to craft a long-term strategy for success. » zum Artikel

10 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Mobile Phones

Did you know that 200 cell phones are left in New York City cabs every day That's a lot of phones -- 73,000 per year. Hopefully, none are BYOD phones carried by executives at your company. VisageMobile, a mobility management vendor, came out with this and other "jaw-dropping" mobility facts that show how dependent our world is becoming on mobile phones. » zum Artikel

BYOD's Battle Royale Pits IT vs. Employee

The "Bring Your Own Device" super trend has ignited an epic battle between IT and employees. In one corner, IT frets about data security and perhaps losing control over devices and apps. In the other corner, employees want to choose the devices and apps for work and play, and they're a little tired of IT telling them what they can and cannot do. So who's winning » zum Artikel

CIOs Battle Worker Apathy Towards Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones

Like spoiled teenagers, American workers are telling their CIO that lost or stolen phones are simply not their fault, not their problem. Corporate data theft is no big deal. It's just a phone, they say. Besides, aren't you responsible for mobile data security » zum Artikel

Zombies Are Scary for Halloween, Scarier for Mobile IT

It's Halloween season, and that means zombies and other scary stuff. We're talking about zombie-killing for a livin', we're talking about sharkin' (a slightly altered quote from Jaws, one of the scariest movies of all time). » zum Artikel

How to Keep Cloud-Based Data Safe

With about 1,000 employees and more than $8 billion in home sales since 2006, online real-estate brokerage Redfin has a lot to lose if its cloud-based applications fail. » zum Artikel

Fashion Retailer Adds 'Tech Tables' to Stores

Chico's FAS, a women's clothing retailer, is adding in-store "tech tables" and a digital style magazine to flesh out its omnichannel retail strategy, says CIO Eric Singleton. » zum Artikel

Techies Ditch the Hoodies and Google Glass

In San Francisco, techies have become the recipients of nasty stares, curse-laden rants, threatening finger-pointing, even physical confrontation; techies are accused of causing gentrification and sky-high rents in many parts of the city. It's gotten to the point where many techies try to avoid looking like a techie and becoming a target. » zum Artikel

Retail Must Reinvent Itself for the Omnichannel Future

If ever there was an industry ready for a massive technology shake-up, it's retail. Consider the confluence of pressures it faces: customer showrooming, evolving payment ecosystems, a meteoric rise in online shopping and the constant danger of being the target of the next high-profile security breach. » zum Artikel

How the 'Modern Man' Will Wear Technology

Forrester Research's riff on Leonardo da Vinci's famous Vitruvian Man drawing, in 1490, of a naked male with ideal human proportions is downright clever. In Forrester's version, a male dressed in a business suit shows how a variety of wearable devices might became part of the modern man. » zum Artikel

3 CIOs Reveal How They Got Started With Predictive Analytics

If you want to learn how to succeed with predictive analytics at your business, can help. These three CIOs say it takes a lot of front-end data work and angst about cultural change. » zum Artikel

The Art of Writing in the Age of Algorithms

In a 1998 New Yorker article entitled Last Words, American author and essayist Joan Didion broke down the famous opening paragraph of Ernest Hemingway's "Farewell to Arms." » zum Artikel

Hoffnungsvolle Big Data-Startups

Cloudera, Cloudant und Co. : Hoffnungsvolle Big Data-Startups (Foto: Kirill Kedrinski -
Cloudera, Cloudant und Co. : Cloudant, Cloudera und Lucidworks sind die drei interessantesten Startups im Feld Big Data. Sie arbeiten für Kunden wie Samsung und Ebay. Rund 11.000 Leser unserer US-Schwesterpublikation haben diese drei an die Spitze von zehn Startups gesetzt. » zum Artikel
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    Christiane Pütter

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A Visual Guide to Identifying the Hidden Costs of BYOD

One in 50 companies gets a $15,000 roaming bill every month, says Visage, a mobile management vendor. If that's not you, you're still not in the clear. Hidden costs are everywhere. » zum Artikel

CIOs and CMOs Must Work Together to Satisfy Customers

The strained, dysfunctional relationship between CIOs and marketers can be overcome, in part by rallying around the customer. After all, we're in an age that requires IT and business people to put aside their differences in order to bring business technologies to bear that will win, serve and retain customers. » zum Artikel

Web Giants Join Forces for Open Source MySQL Scalability Project

"Delivering a reliable, personalized experience for the 1.23 billion people who use Facebook requires an expansive and large-scale infrastructure," says Steaphan Greene, a Facebook software engineer. "As Facebook has grown, so has our MySQL deployment, and that deployment is now one of the largest in the world. Along the way, we've learned and benefited from code changes made by the MySQL community." » zum Artikel

BYOD Creates Trust Gap Between Workers and Employers

Only three out of 10 employees completely trust their employer to keep personal information private. The others aren't so sure. This should be a warning sign to CIOs that they've got a trust gap to overcome. » zum Artikel

Patrick McGovern on How He Wants to Be Remembered

IDG's Founder and Chairman Patrick J. McGovern died on Wednesday at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, California. He was 76. » zum Artikel

Cloud Service Helps You Communicate Better by 'Reading Your Voice'

In today's hotly competitive workplace, everyone needs to be a good public speaker, or at least an effective verbal communicator. Emails, tweets and Facebook posts just don't cut it when you're trying to make an impression on bosses, business partners, colleagues and customers. » zum Artikel

Think Deleted Text Messages Are Gone Forever Think Again

Last month, National Football League special investigator Ted Wells delivered a shocking report about Miami Dolphins player Richie Incognito's bullying tactics aimed at teammate Jonathan Martin. At the heart of the report: More than 1,000 text messages, many of them outrageously explicit, that Incognito and Martin swapped between October 2012 and November 2013. » zum Artikel

Online Video Beats Social Media in the Enterprise

For all the mind share and interest directed at social media today it still does not measure up to the pervasive use of live online video in the enterprise. A new report by Wainhouse Research (commissioned by Ustream) determined that live online video for business purposes reached 1.12 billion total hours last year. » zum Artikel

What You Need to Know to Hire, Manage and Market to Millennials

The world (and your business) is turning toward millennials as the future power brokers, valued workers and targeted consumers, but what do you really know about them Sure, they come after GenXers and before GenZers. They are in their 20s and early 30s, but what patterns do they follow » zum Artikel

BYOD IT Skills in High Demand

If you think BYOD is more media hype than reality, think again. The mega trend is making a very real impact on IT jobs. Tech job positions in highest demand are those associated with BYOD, according to results of a recent salary survey from Janco Associates. » zum Artikel

CIOs Should Learn the Two Metrics That Matter

Twenty years ago I was geared up for a meeting with the CEO. I was all ready to tell him how much better the new IT projects were going to be. » zum Artikel

Why 'Innovation Management' Isn't an Oxymoron

When it comes to innovation, IT and business leaders expend a lot of effort prying their organizations out of the box. » zum Artikel

Is Your Business Ready for iOS 7

Forget the new and powerful iPhone 5S or the colorful and cheap iPhone 5C: The biggest draw to the iPhone is the upcoming iOS 7, which is jam-packed with features that make the iPhone business-friendly. » zum Artikel

CIOs Destined to Be Kings of Customer Data

CIOs who toiled in obscurity while keeping back-office operations running are about to be thrust into the spotlight and will be staring eyeball to eyeball with the all-important customer. At least, this is the main finding in an IBM survey of more than 1,600 CIOs. » zum Artikel

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It may have started with some "digital natives" bringing their iPhones to the office, or, just as likely, with the CEO bringing in the iPad he got as a gift. Either way, CIOs have to determine how to deal with this "bring your own device" phenomenon, which means connecting employee-owned devices to the corporate network.
Whether you were looking for ways to be better at your job, seeking advice for making mobile devices safe and efficient within the enterprise or brushing up on Facebook privacy, helped you stay a step ahead of your colleagues in 2011.
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