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App soll fatale Arzt-Fehler verhindern

Für iOS, Android und Web: App soll fatale Arzt-Fehler verhindern (Foto: IBM)
Für iOS, Android und Web: Der Wissenschaftsverlag Elsevier will mit einer kostenlosen Anwendung mit Klinikstandards im Checklisten-Format ärztlichen Kunstfehlern vorbeugen. » zum Artikel
  • Hartmut Wiehr

NoSQL offers users scalability, flexibility, speed

Users of NoSQL databases and data processing frameworks such as CouchDB and Hadoop are deploying these new technologies for their speed, scalability and flexibility, judging from a number of sessions at the NoSQL Now conference being held this week in San Jose, California. » zum Artikel

Amazon Web Services launches managed database service

Amazon Web Services on Wednesday launched a managed NoSQL database service that lets users easily launch a database and scale it up or down as needed. » zum Artikel

How a global enterprise virtualised Exchange 2010

Global organisations often face the challenge of distributed IT environments and, consequently, duplicated effort when it comes to IT. And it was this scenario that Chris Haaker faced as principle architect at Reed Elsevier. » zum Artikel

IBM Looks to Outsmart Big Data Competition With Watson

It's a bit of commonly accepted wisdom in big data circles that small companies and startups will be the ones to drive big data technology forward and define the shape of the market to come. The large players, like IBM and Oracle, unable to adjust quickly enough to a world changing at breakneck speed, will see bits of their business intelligence market stripped away by smaller, more agile competitors. » zum Artikel

Reed looks to IT outsourcing to cut costs

Publishing giant Reed Elsevier reported a surge in revenues and operating profit for 2009, helped by cost savings made by outsourcing IT development and back office activities. » zum Artikel

Amazon unveils Kindle Textbook Rental

Amazon on Monday announced , which will enable students to save up to 80 percent off the retail prices of textbooks, by renting them as ebooks from the Kindle Store, instead of purchasing them outright. It’s like a library—only one that you pay for the privilege of borrowing from. » zum Artikel

Book publishers shut down ebook-sharing operation

Two file-sharing sites that allegedly made hundreds of thousands of copyrighted ebooks available as free downloads have been forced to close, after a coalition of book publishers obtained an injunction against them. » zum Artikel

Is New Legislation Needed to Protect Online Privacy

Following the release of two prominent reports advancing the federal government's policy for online privacy, members of a House subcommittee on Thursday again took up consideration of whether new legislation is needed to protect consumers on the Internet. » zum Artikel

60+ R resources to improve your data skills

This list was originally published as part of the Computerworld Beginner's Guide to R but has since been expanded to also include resources for advanced beginner and intermediate users. If you're just starting out with R, I recommend first heading to the Beginner's Guide. » zum Artikel

BI in the Cloud: Advice for Success

Shifting business intelligence and analytics off-premise can make financial sense, as it does with other applications. Instead of buying servers and software licenses up front as a large, sunk capital cost, paying monthly fees from operating budgets can be less expensive over the life of the application. But doing also carries some particular challenges, one of which is that it can be hard to define ... » zum Artikel

Study: Green reports from major companies lack credibility

Carbon and sustainability data disclosed by companies in the FTSE 350 lack credibility, a new study claims. » zum Artikel

Give Back, Get Back

ChoicePoint to pay fine for second data breach

Data broker ChoicePoint, the victim of a 2004 data breach affecting more than 160,000 U.S. residents, has agreed to strengthen its data security efforts and pay a fine for a second breach in 2008, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said Monday. » zum Artikel

LexisNexis says its data was used by fraudsters

LexisNexis acknowledged Friday that criminals used its information retrieval service for more than three years to gather data that was used to commit credit card fraud. » zum Artikel

7 reasons the FTC could audit your privacy program

The Federal Trade Commission's $22.5 million settlement with Google last month over its user-tracking practices woke up enterprise-risk managers around the country. With penalty thresholds hitting this new range of pain, publicly traded companies now have to ask whether should be included in their Securities and Exchange Commission filings as a key risk. » zum Artikel

LexisNexis warns of breach after alleged mafia bust

Information broker LexisNexis has warned more than 13,000 consumers, saying that a Florida man who is facing charges in an alleged mafia racketeering conspiracy may have accessed some of the same sensitive consumer databases that were once used to track terrorists. » zum Artikel

VoIP and compliance regulations make strange and difficult bedfellows

As attacks against persist businesses not only have to defend themselves, they have to do it under the gun of regulators who want proof that in accordance with their ever-changing rules. » zum Artikel

Strategic shift

A number of CIOs have been tapped on the shoulder recently to reprise their role -- but in another industry, or in another country. We talk to CIOs who accepted this challenge. » zum Artikel

Corporate crowdsourcing and innovation's 'dirty secret'

Remember that super idea you had last year for a new service that had real potential to make life easier for customers while boosting revenue for your company Whatever happened to it Was it properly aired and vetted within your organization, or did it end up like 99% of good ideas -- briefly tossed around in a conference room or email thread, before being forgotten and overtaken by new priorities » zum Artikel

Firm pays for illegally using copyrighted content

A California-based market research company has agreed to pay a US$300,000 settlement for illegally distributing copyrighted articles, research reports and other information without proper licenses or permission to employees via e-mail newsletters. » zum Artikel

Mountain climbing helps CTO reach new career heights

You've achieved success in IT and worked your way up in the organization. People are recognizing your work, and you are preparing to continue a great career. There's only one problem, one that you may not even recognize. It has quietly taken a back seat for many years and could sneak up on you and completely halt your success. It's . » zum Artikel

Free, cheap and pricey privacy-information services

A top affliction of privacy professionals is the growing complexity of privacy laws. The number of jurisdictions regulating data privacy and the number of other laws in which privacy provisions are tucked has increased with no letup since 2000. Like the Lilliputians in Gulliver's Travels, the tiniest jurisdictions are now lassoing their privacy ropes around the mightiest of corporations. » zum Artikel

Security in the Cloud

The Cloud is full of feature-rich applications which enable us to do more than we could ever dream of doing before. It is a universally understood fact that the Cloud enables companies to operate more efficiently and reduce their CapEx investment. The fact that SaaS, IaaS and PaaS make it easier for operations to be scaled to virtually limitless sizes with little direct human involvement to slow ... » zum Artikel

For IT Jobs, an Untapped Vein of Talent

If we keep going the way we are now, this year we will outsource one in four IT jobs to India, Russia and other countries that supply low-cost labor, according to the Hackett Group, a trend that sends a message to young people contemplating technology careers: IT work is unstable. You can't count on climbing any career ladder. » zum Artikel

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MÜNCHEN (COMPUTERWOCHE) - Cornell gehört zu den so genannten Ivy-League-Bildungsinstituten der USA wie Harvard, Stanford, MIT. In der Cornell-University gibt es deshalb auch viele helle Köpfe. Und einige davon haben jetzt einmal genau ausgerechnet, wieviel Geld die Universität jährlich für Abonneme...
Grundlage der Spekulationen ist ein im Mai dieses Jahres zwischen beiden Firmen abgeschlossener Kooperationsvertrag, der die Kombination von Reed-Elsevier-Publikationen mit Microsofts Internet-Technologien vorsieht. Schon seinerzeit hatten Beobachter über den Startschuß für eine weitergehende Elect...
Reed Elsevier gibt weltweit rund 1200 wissenschaftliche Journale heraus. Die Informationen, die darin veröffentlich werden, sollen unter der Bezeichnung "Science Direct" künftig auch via World Wide Web zugänglich sein. Als Nutznießer dieser Dienstleistung sind vorerst nur die Reed-Elsevier-Abonne...