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NFC: Die kontaktlose Zukunft hat bereits begonnen

Near Field Communication: NFC: Die kontaktlose Zukunft hat bereits begonnen
Near Field Communication: Selten hat eine neue Technik den Markt so schnell erobert. Rund um den Globus wird Near Field Communication bereits für diverse Anwendungen in der Praxis genutzt. Die Zeit der Machbarkeitsstudien liegt hinter der Technik. » zum Artikel
  • Jürgen Hill

Solar flare blacks out some radios, but the end is not (necessarily) near

Don't set your Google Inactive Account Manager just yet, but there are billions of tons of solar matter hurtling toward the Earth at more than 600 miles (970 kilometers) per second. NASA estimates the plasma will hit our atmosphere late Friday night, U.S. Eastern Daylight Time. » zum Artikel

Apple's latest iWallet patent suggests NFC is coming to an iPhone near you soon

The US Patent & Trademark Office has published a new Apple patent application that details a new iWallet transaction patent. » zum Artikel

Google's Gigabit Internet: Not coming to a neighborhood near you

When Google announced plans in 2010 to jump into the broadband business, the company received more than 1,000 applications from communities hoping to be selected for Google Fiber, which promised gigabit-speed Internet at low prices or even free Internet for seven years if you chose a slower speed. » zum Artikel

Adoption, privacy biggest topics as NIST cybersecurity framework nears February deadline

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) held a fifth workshop in Raleigh, North Carolina last week on the comprehensive, preliminary cybersecurity framework mandated under President Obama's February 2012 executive order, the last such gathering before the framework becomes final in February. » zum Artikel

Review: Jobs the movie applies its own reality distortion field

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs Less than two years since Steve Jobs' passing, his life story hits the silver screen today. The limited release of Jobs, the feature-length film directed by Joshua Michael Stern and starring Ashton Kutcher, was delayed from its original April release after it received poor reviews at the Sundance Film Festival. The official release will please Apple fans with its casting ... » zum Artikel

Oil, gas field sensors vulnerable to attack via radio waves

Sensors widely used in the energy industry to monitor industrial processes are vulnerable to attack from 40 miles away using radio transmitters, according to alarming new research. » zum Artikel

Optus targets enterprises with hosted unified communications

Optus Business has merged its collaboration offerings into a hosted unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) suite. » zum Artikel

Office Mobile for the iPhone enters an already-crowded field

Microsoft released its first iOS version of Office on Friday. Officially dubbed Microsoft Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers, the app is designed only for the iPhone, available only in the U.S., requires an Office 365 subscription (yours or your employer's) and has a very minimal feature set. The release came fast on the heels of Apple's announcement that it will be stepping into the ring ... » zum Artikel

Vehicle to vehicle communications could drive us to a safer place: Industry

Imagine you're driving on a highway and someone in front changes lane without warning. You try to take evasive action in time to avoid an accident. » zum Artikel

Voyager 1 nears interstellar space, is more than 11 billion miles from the Sun

The Voyager 1's probe is, to paraphrase Star Trek, to go where no man has gone before.  And according to NASA, data shows that Voyager 1 is nearing the final frontier of the Solar System and may soon enter the interstellar medium. » zum Artikel

With SoftBank deal in hand and Clearwire buyout near, Sprint set to become 'spectrum powerhouse'

Sprint shareholders Tuesday set the stage for a potentially massive change in the wireless carrier competitive landscape carriers by approving SoftBank's bid to buy 78% of the company for $21.6 billion. » zum Artikel

The Internet of Things: Coming to a network near you

When people talk about the Internet of Things (IoT), the most common examples are smart cars, IP-addressable washing machines and Internet-connected nanny cams. » zum Artikel

NASA Turns to Open Source Middleware for Human-to-Robot Communications

Data doesn't always have to be big data to have a huge effect on the way we live. Whether it's big data or small data, data management is increasingly a thorny issue. » zum Artikel

Microsoft's drip-drip-drip Windows communications strategy dubbed a washout

Microsoft today announced it had sold 100 million copies of Windows 8, its first statement on sales milestones since January. » zum Artikel

BroadSoft CEO: Here's why communications is moving to the cloud

You might not know BroadSoft if you're not in the telecommunications space. But if you use a hosted unified communications service from a provider like Verizon, Swisscom, or any of about 500 other telcos around the world, you may be a BroadSoft customer without realizing it. » zum Artikel

NASA communications with Mars rovers soon to go silent

Within days, NASA's robotic rovers and orbiters working on Mars will go silent. » zum Artikel

Queensland Gas completes $32 million comms network

Queensland Gas Corporation (QGC) has finished implementation of a dedicated communications network for a liquefied natural gas project in southern QLD. » zum Artikel

Deutsche Telekom and Rimowa's smart suitcases have integrated tracking

Deutsche Telekom's T-Systems have along with luggage maker Rimowa developed a line of suitcases with GPS, Wi-Fi and GSM to help users keep track of them. » zum Artikel

Pizza Hut dreams of interactive tables for elusive dine-in restaurants

Your nearest dine-in Pizza Hut--if there is one--probably looks like it's trapped in the 80s, but it might someday leap into the future with tabletop touch screens for ordering and entertainment. » zum Artikel

UK mobile operators partner with Mastercard on contactless payments joint venture

Weve, a joint venture between three of the UK's largest mobile operators, is partnering with Mastercard to help speed its adoption as a contactless mobile payments platform. » zum Artikel

Sony's $130 SmartBand to combine fitness, entertainment, life experiences

Sony has made its mark in entertainment technology and is now taking that tradition to wearables with its new SmartBand wrist-wearable device. » zum Artikel

Visa: UK contactless payments more than triple in last 12 months

Contactless card payments grew more than three-fold during 2013 thanks to accelerated rollout by retailers and growing acceptance on public transport, according to Visa Europe. » zum Artikel

Weve partners with Proxama to bring loyalty service to mobile payments

Mobile wallet and payments solution, Weve, has partnered with Promaxa to bring personalised and location-based loyalty schemes to the service. » zum Artikel

Sony's $130 SmartBand to combine fitness, entertainment, life experiences

BARCELONA -- Sony made its mark in entertainment technology and is taking that tradition to wearables with its new SmartBand wrist-wearable device. » zum Artikel

Research highlights security issues with NFC payments

A UK study has raised alarm bells around the use of contactless payment cards and other devices fitted with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. » zum Artikel

To get video into more conference rooms, Logitech goes medium

Logitech is turning to what it knows best with its latest in-office videoconferencing system: Rather than a standalone hardware and software platform, the ConferenceCam CC3000e is essentially a peripheral. » zum Artikel

So funktioniert das Bezahlen per Smartphone

Die Videos der Woche: So funktioniert das Bezahlen per Smartphone (Foto: Sarunyu_foto -
Die Videos der Woche: Diesmal beschäftigen wir uns mit dem Bezahlen per Smartphone. Wir vergleichen die Top-Androiden Galaxy Note 3, Xperia Z1 und LG G2 und testen das HTC One Max. » zum Artikel
  • Patrick Hagn

Fujitsu glove uses NFC, sensors to speed hands-free work

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed wearable technology in the form of a glove and a head-mounted display that could help speed up maintenance work and other applications where NFC tags are widely used. » zum Artikel

Samsung NX30 camera (Preview)

Samsung has unveiled its new NX30 interchangeable lens camera as it looks to increase its share of the camera market. It features an improved imaging processor, an innovative viewfinder and a strong collection of connectivity features. » zum Artikel

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Selten hat eine neue Technik den Markt so schnell erobert. Rund um den Globus wird Near Field Communication bereits für diverse Anwendungen in der Praxis genutzt. Die Zeit der Machbarkeitsstudien liegt hinter der Technik.
Dank Near Field Communication (NFC) kann man kontaktlos bezahlen - mit seiner Girokarte oder auch mit dem Smartphone. Im Alltag sind wir von dem durchaus möglichen Komfort und den theoretischen Möglichkeiten der Technik allerdings noch weit entfernt.
At CES 2013, the Wireless Power Consortium displayed dozens of devices that were designed to the Qi , suggesting that 2013 may be the year wireless charging becomes a feature consumers expect to come standard in new smartphones.