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Facebook's WhatsApp buy could finally kill SMS

If nothing else, we all know what WhatsApp is now. » zum Artikel

NSA sammelt fast 200 Millionen SMS pro Tag

Geheimdienst-Aktivitäten: Auch nach mehr als einem halben Jahr NSA-Enthüllungen gehen die Überraschungen nicht aus. Jetzt heißt es, der Geheimdienst sauge mehrere hundert Millionen SMS pro Tag auf und schöpfe daraus Informationen zum Beispiel über Reisen oder Kontakte. » zum Artikel

Master SMS with these 9 basic texting tips

Nobody uses phones as phones anymore. » zum Artikel

SMS texting in deep decline in UK as mobile message apps take over

The SMS text message came to define the start of the mobile era but now the mobile era is moving on. New OFCOM figures show the numbers being sent across UK mobile networks dropped sharply during 2013. » zum Artikel

Banks shouldn't rely on mobile SMS passcodes, security firm says

A widely used security feature intended to protect access to online bank accounts is becoming increasingly ineffective, as cybercriminals develop advanced malicious software for Android devices, according to a report released Wednesday. » zum Artikel

Nexus-Smartphones: Per SMS angreifbar

Schwachstelle in Android 4.4: Nexus-Smartphones: Per SMS angreifbar
Schwachstelle in Android 4.4: Sicherheitsforscher haben eine Lücke in den populären Nexus-Smartphones mit Android gefunden. Per SMS kann man die Geräte blockieren, neu starten oder aus dem Carrier-Netz kicken. » zum Artikel

Google Nexus phones vulnerable to denial-of-service attack via Flash SMS messages

Attackers could force phones from Google's Nexus line to reboot or fail to connect to the mobile Internet service by sending a large number of special SMS messages to them. » zum Artikel

EE launches SMS and website donation fund for typhoon-hit Philippines

EE has launched a text appeal and donation website to raise funds for UNICEF's Philippines appeal. » zum Artikel

Google Hangouts with SMS integration slowly rolling out to Android users

It looks like you won't have to wait for Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) to hit your device to get the new SMS-integrated version of Google's chat app called Hangouts. The company began rolling out the official update today. » zum Artikel

SMS Management and Technology acquires The Birchman Group Asia Pacific for $25 million

ASX-listed system integrator, SMS Management and Technology (ASX:SMX) has acquired Perth-based IT consulting, integration and managed services provider, The Birchman Group Asia Pacific for $25 million. » zum Artikel

See ya, SMS: Social messaging apps do more, for free

Bryan Pelz was splitting his time between Vietnam and San Francisco when he began working on an idea for a new app called Klamr (pronounced "clamor"). He and his friends overseas had been using various over-the-top (OTT) messaging apps--Line, WhatsApp, and others--to chat with each other for years, but in the United States, SMS still reigns supreme. » zum Artikel

SMS syncing, driver mode, and rotation locks, oh my! Windows Phone update info leaks

The slow, steady improvements to the Windows Phone platform continue. Microsoft is reportedly testing a new update for Windows Phone 8 set to come out before the end of the year. The update is separate from both the rumored " Windows Phone 8.1 Blue" update as well as the Windows Phone refresh dubbed GDR2 that is rolling out now. » zum Artikel

SMS toll fraud dominated by only 10 Russian organisations, Lookout finds

A small core of ten inter-connected Russian and Ukrainian organisations is behind 30 percent of all mobile malware and 60 percent of the rogue programs exploiting SMS toll fraud, research by security firm Lookout Mobile Security has suggested. » zum Artikel

From cruise offers to banking Trojans, SMS spam clogs channels

Bogus cruise offers, diet pitches from hacked domains and the use of over-the-top services to foil spam fighters have been some of the top trends in SMS junk messaging thus far this year. » zum Artikel

SMS 'pension liberation' spam falls dramatically after police arrests

The arrest of a gang accused of being behind a major 'pension liberation' SMS spam campaign coincided with a significant drop in the volume of texts being sent in the UK, messaging security firm Cloudmark has reported. » zum Artikel

SMS spam cruises for suckers

If you get a text message out of the blue telling you you've won a free cruise to an exotic Caribbean location, don't start packing your bags. It's likely just a scam. » zum Artikel

Twitter SMS authentication security won't stop attacks, say experts

Twitter's long overdue rollout of two-factor authentication doesn't plug every angle of attack and won't guarantee that customer accounts aren't compromised in future, experts have warned. » zum Artikel

Google manager accidentally outs SMS support for Hangouts

We recently called Hangouts--Google's new, unified messaging app for Android and iOS devices--an "over-the-top mobile messaging service in the vein of Whatsapp, Kik, and Facebook Messenger," and its far-flung functionality appears destined to expand with text message integration. » zum Artikel

US mobile data growing while SMS falls, CTIA reports

U.S. mobile networks carried 69 percent more data traffic in 2012 than in the prior year, but roughly the same number of voice minutes and fewer SMS messages, according to the industry group CTIA. » zum Artikel

Instant messaging overtakes the humble SMS text

Use of instant messaging via services like WhatsApp and iMessage has overtaken regular SMS text messages. » zum Artikel

Motorola's Android phones infringe Microsoft SMS patent, German court rules

Motorola Mobility's Android phones infringe on a Microsoft text messaging patent, the Higher District Court of Munich ruled on Thursday. » zum Artikel

DeskSMS doesn't rise above the other desktop texting apps

DeskSMS is one of a number of services that lets Android phone users text from a PC or Mac. Unfortunately, its $5 per year price tag and its plain-vanilla interface make it hard to recommend. » zum Artikel

BrowserTexting works fine for SMS in a browser, but so do free options

Texting from a desktop browser is a sight easier than from a phone. Android phone owners have several options, such as MobiTexter and MightyText. BrowserTexting ($10, 30-day free trial) is a two-part solution that includes an app that you install on your phone and a Web app that you use on your computer. » zum Artikel

SMS text spam plunges in UK as ICO fine spooks PPI pests

The ICO's crackdown on a firm accused of sending huge amounts of payment protection insurance (PPI) SMS spam appears to have caused a marked drop in the number of unsolicited messages being received by UK mobile users, figures from security firm Cloudmark show. » zum Artikel

Yahoo slims down, again, trashing Deals, SMS Alerts

Yahoo is giving itself a bit of a makeover. Earlier this week it launched two new mobile apps for email and weather; now it's ditching numerous longstanding products, including Deals and SMS Alerts, in an attempt to sharpen its focus, the company announced Friday. » zum Artikel

Gift card SMS spam drops after FTC action, Cloudmark finds

The volume of mobile spam messages touting free gift cards sharply fell after the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed complaints in early March against eight companies, according to antispam vendor Cloudmark. » zum Artikel

Google simplifies integration of SMS and voice with App Engine

Google is hoping to make it easier for developers to integrate SMS or voice communications in applications running on the company's App Engine platform. » zum Artikel

7 Tipps für die Smartphone-Knigge

Gutes Benehmen mit dem Smartphone: 7 Tipps für die Smartphone-Knigge (Foto: Vodafone D2 GmbH)
Gutes Benehmen mit dem Smartphone: Man ist ständig mit der digitalen Welt verbunden. Und manchmal vergisst man die reale Welt - und dass es immer um die Menschen geht. » zum Artikel
  • Michael Kallus
  • Christina DesMarais

"Privatsphärenrichtlinien werden wichtig für Unternehmen"

Lookout Managing Director Thomas Labarthe:
Lookout Managing Director Thomas Labarthe: Mobile Systeme sind immer wieder im Visier von Angreifern. Thomas Labarthe von Lookout sieht aber in 2014 auch Änderungen beim Thema Privacy. » zum Artikel

Der Business-Knigge im Advent

Stilvoll durch die Weihnachtszeit: Der Business-Knigge im Advent (Foto: oriartiste -
Stilvoll durch die Weihnachtszeit: Unpersönliche Grußkarten, feuchtfröhliche Weihnachtsfeiern oder teure Geschenke - vor Weihnachten lauern viele Fettnäpfchen, in die Sie treten können. » zum Artikel

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T-Systems integriert Fax- und SMS-Dienste des Münchner Managed-Service-Anbieters Retarus in seine Dynamic Services for Collaboration (DSC).
Auch nach mehr als einem halben Jahr NSA-Enthüllungen gehen die Überraschungen nicht aus. Jetzt heißt es, der Geheimdienst sauge mehrere hundert Millionen SMS pro Tag auf und schöpfe daraus Informationen zum Beispiel über Reisen oder Kontakte.