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Die besten Cloud-Projekte 2013

Die Sieger
Die Sieger "Best in Cloud": In den Kategorien Private und Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud sowie Cloud Enabling Infrastructure kürte unsere Schwesterpublikation Computerwoche zusammen mit einer Fachjury die innovativsten Cloud-Initiativen in Deutschland. » zum Artikel
  • Uwe Küll

Conficker still going strong, Akamai finds

Russia and Brazil are now the top hotspots for global Internet attack traffic, Net giant Akamai has said in its latest threat report, placing most of the blame on the hardy Conficker worm. » zum Artikel

Akamai CEO sees opportunity in economic downturn

With many companies cutting headcount and costs to weather the economic downturn, Akamai Technologies President and CEO Paul Sagan wants his sales team to spend more time with customers, part of a bid to make sure that its content delivery and edge-hosting services don't end up on the list of expenses they consider cutting. At the same time, he said the recession will push some companies, particularly ... » zum Artikel

Obama inauguration sets Web traffic record, Akamai says

Web traffic delivery surged to record levels during President Barack Obama's inauguration yesterday, as the company's global had to deliver a peak of more than 7 million simultaneous data streams. » zum Artikel

Akamai slashes 7% of its workforce

said this week it will be laying off 100 workers, or roughly 7% of its global workforce, in an effort to reduce its operating costs. Akamai CFO J.D. Sherman said the layoffs were being done to "ensure that we can keep investing for growth even in the current economic climate." » zum Artikel

Akamai intros Configuration Manager for App Acceleration

Akamai Technologies has further extended the time-to-value benefit of its Web Application Accelerator managed service with the general availability of Configuration Manager, a new tool used to simplify the configuration of application-specific optimizations. Configuration Manager provides access to all the rich, flexible application delivery options for the Akamai Web Application Accelerator service ... » zum Artikel

Akamai ramps up delivery of cloud applications

Akamai has launched a new service aimed at providing IT managers with a way of improving the way that applications are delivered over the web. The company has launched Configuration Manager, a software tool designed to allow IT managers the opportunity to enhance performance so that applications can be delivered over the web at similar rates to a private IP network. » zum Artikel

Microsoft, Akamai team up for 'no-buffer' video streaming

and services provider are collaborating to produce a new video service that promises to deliver high-speed video streaming that will not require any buffering. » zum Artikel

Accelerating e-mail and other SAAS apps, the Akamai way

A hosted Exchange e-mail provider using technology from Akamai Technologies Inc. says that it helps ensure and speed up delivery of e-mail to users of Blackberries and Windows Mobile smartphones. » zum Artikel

Akamai locks down Media

Akamai Technologies this week rolled out a new version of Akamai Media Delivery, adding DRM (Digital Rights Management) capabilities, enhanced Flash support, and new reporting tools. » zum Artikel

Reaktion nach schweren Security-Attacken

Schneider Versand: Reaktion nach schweren Security-Attacken (Foto: Schneider)
Schneider Versand: Drei Tage musste der Versandhändler im Dezember 2011 wegen DDoS-Angriffen offline gehen. Jetzt löst eine Cloud-Lösung von Akamai das alte Open-Source-System ab. » zum Artikel
  • Hartmut Wiehr

Cloud und die digitale Kundenbeziehung

IT-Trends 2014: Cloud und die digitale Kundenbeziehung (Foto: Experton Group)
IT-Trends 2014: CIOs haben wirklich kein leichtes Leben. Transformation, Innovation und neue Geschäftsmodelle - für alles scheinen sie verantwortlich zu sein. Diese Aufgaben in Technologie und Prozesse umzusetzen, ist mehr als anspruchsvoll. » zum Artikel
  • Carlo Velten

New system heals web performance blackspots

Two companies have allied to give enterprises the ability to pinpoint and eliminate Internet-related application performance bottlenecks. » zum Artikel

Möglichkeiten und Grenzen bei Social Analytics

Social Media: Möglichkeiten und Grenzen bei Social Analytics (Foto: fotogestoeber -
Social Media: Mit Hilfe von Social Analytics wollen Unternehmen aus dem Netz erfahren, was ihre Kunden umtreibt. Doch die Systeme zeigen in erster Linie Stimmungslagen an. Für genauere Rückschlüsse bedarf es weiterer Analyse-Methoden. » zum Artikel
  • Markus Strehlitz

CORRECTION - Accelerating e-mail and other SAAS apps

The Computerworld (US online) story, "Accelerating e-mail and other SAAS apps, the Akamai way," which posted to the wire Tuesday, is under embargo until 12:01 a.m. EDT, Wednesday, Sept. 12. A public release time and date, as well as an embargo kicker and an editor's note regarding the embargo have been added to the story. Online editors are asked to immediately remove it from their sites until the ... » zum Artikel

Michael Jackson's death sparks Internet crush

The unexpected death of pop icon Michael Jackson last night sent people rushing to the Internet and to share their feelings. » zum Artikel

Networking glitch knocks Yahoo offline for some

A networking problem made Yahoo's Web site unreachable for many users on Wednesday. » zum Artikel

Olympia 2012: Ein Mammutprojekt

5000 IT-Spezialisten im Einsatz: Olympia 2012: Ein Mammutprojekt (Foto: Stefan Rajewski -
5000 IT-Spezialisten im Einsatz: Das Kernteam des CIO Gerry Pennell besteht aus 300 Mitarbeitern. Eine Erkenntnis von ihm: Cloud hat noch keine olympische Reife. » zum Artikel
  • Werner Kurzlechner
    Werner Kurzlechner

    Werner Kurzlechner lebt als freier Journalist in Berlin. Schwerpunktmäßig kümmert er sich um die Themenfelder BI und IT-Projekte. Neben CIO war und ist der Wirtschaftshistoriker für CFOWorld sowie Fachmagazine und Tageszeitungen jenseits der IT-Welt tätig.

Feds acknowledge mistakes in USAJobs site move

The head of the agency that runs , the federal government employment site, apologized Thursday for since it was taken over from last month, but defended the decision to do so and said the site is improving. » zum Artikel

White House dumps YouTube over privacy issues

It was cool while it lasted: The President uses YouTube! » zum Artikel

Is Amazon CloudFront the Model T of Content Delivery

Amazon called CloudFront. This content delivery network that aligns with the philosophy of Amazon's cloud services: easy to get started, incremental measurement of use, and pay-by-the-drink pricing. » zum Artikel

Eleven cloud computing vendors to watch

Cloud computing looks to be a "classic disruptive technology," says Forrester Research in an interesting new report published Monday. For enterprise IT shops, cloud computing still poses some real risks, including an almost complete lack of service-level agreements and customer references, plus some genuine security and compliance concerns, according to Forrester. But even so, IT shops are tapping ... » zum Artikel

Adobe offers up more Flash technology to open source

Adobe Systems will offer more of its Flash rich media application platform up to open source Tuesday, a move viewed by analysts as reactive to the fierce competition Adobe faces in the rich Internet application space from the Microsoft Silverlight platform. » zum Artikel

Yahoo! und Google Top - Apple Flop

Greenpeace untersucht den Öko-Faktor: Yahoo! und Google Top - Apple Flop (Foto: Greenpeace)
Greenpeace untersucht den Öko-Faktor: Die Umweltschutzorganisation Greenpeace hat zehn wichtige Internetdienste-Anbieter auf die Umweltfreundlichkeit ihrer Energiequellen geprüft. Yahoo! und Google erzielten die besten Okö-Noten, Apple landete auf dem letzten Platz. » zum Artikel
  • Christa Manta

Online shuttle launch feeds prove popular

When the space shuttle Discovery was launched into Earth orbit Tuesday morning for a 12-day mission, more than 335,000 simultaneous video streams broadcast the event live to Internet viewers, making it NASA's most-watched online event of the Internet age. » zum Artikel

Inaugural webcasts praised and panned

Online video performance on Inaugural Day drew mixed reviews. Judging from the online feedback, some people enjoyed watching Obama's swearing-in ceremony and speech over the Web. However, because of jerky or frozen video, missing audio or other problems, many wished they could have watched it on a more reliable medium, such as television. » zum Artikel

AT&T snaps up Wayport to gain Wi-Fi boost

expanded the scope of its Wi-Fi business Thursday by purchasing Wayport, a network and applications management company that provides back-office management for  hot spots. » zum Artikel

Joost unplugs Web TV service, concentrates on selling tech

Web video site Joost is restructuring, abandoning its hopes to be a successful ad-supported Web TV provider. Instead it will sell its video-serving technology to other media companies. » zum Artikel

News sites falter as traffic spikes after Jackson's death

Michael Jackson's death on Thursday caused a spike in visits to news Web sites that affected the performance and availability of some of the biggest ones, according to Web monitoring company Keynote Systems. » zum Artikel

Apple ist der größte Energiesünder

Greenpeace über Cloud-Anbieter: Apple ist der größte Energiesünder (Foto: Apple)
Greenpeace über Cloud-Anbieter: Von Amazon bis Yahoo sind fast alle Schwergewichte in der Greenpeace-Studie dabei. Das Urteil der Umweltschutzorganisation fällt vernichtend aus. » zum Artikel

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Akamai und IBM haben angekündigt, im Bereich Cloud-Security zukünftig enger zusammenzuarbeiten. So nutzt IBM bald das weltweite Akamai-Netzwerk, um eigene Cloud-Kunden vor den Bedrohungen durch DDoS-Attacken und ähnlichen Angriffen zu schützen.
Michael Heuer

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Absicherung einer e-Commerce Infrastruktur gegen DDoS-Angriffe und Application Hacking bei gleichzeitiger Performance-Optimierung.
Im NOCC überwacht Akamai die Performance des Internets und kann frühzeitig auf groß angelegte Hackerangriffe reagieren.