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The Macalope Weekly: Farewell

This week we say goodbye to two pillars of the technology community. Well, sort of. Between them, the Motorola Xoom and Steve Ballmer make maybe three-quarters of a pillar. Sandwiched in the middle of these tearful farewells, we'll take some time to ponder whether or not Apple's events are even worth tuning in to anymore. Well, we won't, but two writers for MacNewsWorld will. » zum Artikel

18 great uses for an old Android device

Got extra smartphones sitting around your house How about tablets As we move multiple generations into mobile technology, more and more of us are building up collections of old, dated devices. And more often than not, those devices do little more than take up space and gather dust. » zum Artikel

The 20 greatest milestones of Android's first five years

Happy birthday, Android! Although you were technically announced six years ago, it wasn't until October 22, 2008 that you made your debut. Apple tried stealing your thunder this year by hosting an event or something on your special day, so we decided to hold the celebration a day early in order to keep you in the limelight. You've had an interesting five years, and it's only right that we take the ... » zum Artikel

Have We Reached Gadget Fatigue

We've just seen Samsung take the wraps off its Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Next week, Apple will showcase new iPhones and maybe an iWatch. The biggest buzz still surrounds Google Glass, which one financial analyst says will be worth $3.27 billion in 2017. » zum Artikel

Apple by the numbers: The iPad adjusts to a changing tablet landscape

There's little doubt that the iPad has revolutionized the PC industry, ushering us into a "post-PC" era. But while sales of Apple's iconic tablet are still robust, there are signs that they may be softening. If you dig into the sales numbers Apple issues every quarter and look at them over a longer time-frame, you have to wonder what slowing iPad sales could mean for the company moving forward. » zum Artikel

Hands-on with Kindle Fire HDX, Amazon's next-generation 7 and 9-inch tablets

Two years ago, Amazon introduced the Kindle Fire. It was the first affordable color tablet offered by a major hardware manufacturer, and certainly the first respectable tablet that fit in a coat pocket. » zum Artikel

The Macalope Weekly: Talk is cheap

Our fine friends in Redmond (disclosure: not fine, not friends) are back spreading what they spread best. Joy Jam Nope: manure, of course. Dan Lyons then tells us exactly why everything he wrote was eye-pokingly bad (no spoilers, read on for the exciting reveal!) and last, but possibly least, CNN shows us how to sift bad Apple news out of anything! » zum Artikel

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Schlechte Nachricht für Besitzer eines Nexus S oder Motorola Xoom: Weder das Smartphone noch das Tablet werden von dem jetzt gestarteten Update auf Android 4.2 unterstützt.
Motorola's Xoom tablet does not infringe on some of Apple's community designs, the regional court of Dû³¥¬¤orf ruled on Tuesday. Apple wanted a Europe-wide ban on the Motorola tablet, a court spokesman said.
Motorola Mobility is warning people who bought but then returned -based Motorola Xoom tablets between March and October last year that the devices might have been resold by bargain-of-the-day website Woot with the ex-owners' sensitive data still on them.