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iPad 5, iPad mini 2 rumours: Video hints at Touch ID sensor, 8MP camera, no Retina mini this year

With rumours that Apple is planning to unveil its iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 on 15 October, speculation about what the new iPads could look like, and what they'll feature, has been rife. » zum Artikel

Consumer ignorance drives big jump in medical ID fraud

People are at an increased risk of medical identity fraud, partly because they do not recognize the life-threatening scenarios that could result from having someone else use their credentials to obtain healthcare services, a survey found. » zum Artikel

Patch Tuesday: Windows 8, Exchange in danger

Microsoft is issuing critical patches for flaws found in Windows 7, 8 and RT desktops as well as for the spam and malware filter for Microsoft Exchange server. » zum Artikel

Dark Souls II preview: I died 8 times in an hour and loved it

Earlier this week I played the first hour of Dark Souls II. I died exactly eight times: Three times by falling off cliffs, once by drowning, once by the hands of a hulking troll whose swipes were so powerful he occasionally over-balanced and fell, once by the poison of a horrific man-lizard-thing with a fleshy sac hanging off its stomach, once by the sword of a fifteen-foot-tall beast of a man clad ... » zum Artikel

The 8 most significant ways physical security has evolved

Physical security has come a long way since the advent of the lock and key. But for all of its changes, the greatest aspect of the evolution of physical security is how it has begun to mesh with our digital world. » zum Artikel

8 Ways to Use Google Glass on the Job

Glass, Google's head-mounted, Internet-connected device, won't be available commercially until sometime in 2014. Even so, there are thousands of Glass "Explorers," or early adopters, already using the high-tech eyewear on the job. Many are discovering that, in addition to being a geeked-out plaything, Glass can in fact solve everyday business problems, help people be more productive, enhance workflows ... » zum Artikel

Build this killer AMD-based Windows 8.1 PC for less than $1000

AMD lovers, we hear ya. After building a killer Intel-based Windows 8.1 PC for $1000, we're starting with a cheaper, more powerful AMD CPU this time around. And we won't just walk you through the different steps in building a PC with AMD hardware--we'll also determine whether an Intel processor or an AMD processor can give you a more powerful PC for the same budget. Let's dive in! » zum Artikel

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8: Bad in any position

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 is a shining example of mediocrity. Although Lenovo tried to do something different with the tablet's design, it neglected other important aspects of the device and cut corners in order to keep down the price. » zum Artikel

iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Nov. 8

As the weather in North America chills, the temperature of the iOSphere is increasing, as many fixate on June 2014 as the date for iPhone 6, the "real" iPhone instead of, you know, the disappointing iPhone 5 and the 5S that looks so much like it. » zum Artikel

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9: Unapologetically content-driven

In the handset marketplace, the iPhone is simply one of at least a half a dozen equally capable options. There's less competition among compact tablets, but many consumers only desire those things as ultraportable entertainment devices or "wicked big phones" instead of as real, powerful computers. » zum Artikel

Review: VirtualBox 4.3 goes touchy-feely for Windows 8 virtualization

Historically, VirtualBox has been rock-solid, lightweight virtualization software that was only slightly less capable than its rival, VMware. Starting about a year and a half ago, VirtualBox became a bit less than that, acquiring new features, but becoming less reliable. Fortunately, the latest versions seem to have come back around, and 4.3 adds an important capability: support for touchscreens. » zum Artikel

There's no place like home page: 8 iGoogle alternatives

Goodbye, iGoogle. As of November 1, Google's Web portal ceases to exist, leaving untold legions of users with no place to call home page. For anyone accustomed to being greeted by personalized news, RSS feeds, Twitter updates and other quick-scan info, this could be a jarring day. » zum Artikel

From Windows 8.1 to Surface 2 and beyond: What Microsoft's ecosystem needs to thrive

Microsoft's Surface 2 tablets finally go on sale today--so it's a good time to begin thinking about the real impact these devices will have on the greater Microsoft ecosystem. Indeed, ever since the tablets were introduced in late September, most people have been thinking about them the wrong way--the old way, considering them in isolation rather than as individual members of a cohesive team. » zum Artikel

Windows 8.1 launch weekend plagued by some show-stopping installation issues

Windows 8.1 officially landed last Thursday, bringing a scad of new features and much-needed interface improvements to Microsoft's Live Tiled vision of the future--at least if you were able to get it. While the update's going down without a hitch for the vast majority of people, many would-be upgraders are running into errors that are slamming the brakes on their Windows 8.1 aspirations. » zum Artikel

How to build a killer Windows 8.1 gaming PC for under $1000

Finally: Windows 8.1 is a major update that brings many improvements and new features to Windows 8. In addition to a bevy of new apps and meaningful interface changes such as a resurrected Start button and a new boot-to-desktop option, Windows 8.1 will also be the only desktop OS to support DirectX 11.2. Couple that with the streamlined characteristics of the OS, and many people--game enthusiasts ... » zum Artikel

Fade to Black(Berry): 8 Years Covering the Rise and Fall of RIM

This post has been a long time coming. » zum Artikel

Was Marktbeobachter zum Apple-Event sagen

iPhone 5S und 5C: Was Marktbeobachter zum Apple-Event sagen (Foto: Apple)
iPhone 5S und 5C: Apple hat auf dem iPhone-Event am Dienstag die erwarteten zwei Smartphones iPhone 5S und iPhone 5C vorgestellt. Wir haben – nachdem sich der aufgewirbelte Staub etwas gesetzt hat - die Reaktionen von Analysten, Medienvertretern, Wettbewerbern und anderen Marktbeobachtern für Sie zusammengestellt. » zum Artikel
  • Manfred Bremmer

Apple stellt iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C und iOS 7 vor

Ab 20. September verfügbar: Apple stellt iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C und iOS 7 vor (Foto: Apple)
Ab 20. September verfügbar: Apple hat die nächste Generation seiner Smartphones präsentiert. Neben den neuen iPhone 5S mit Touch ID gib es zusätzlich das günstigere iPhone 5C. Die neuen Modelle sind ab 20. September in Deutschland verfügbar. iOS 7 gibt es schon ab 18. September. » zum Artikel
  • Christian Vilsbeck

Windows 8.1 tablets with 64-bit Atom chips not coming until Q1

Buyers looking for a tablet with Intel's new Bay Trail Atom chip and a 64-bit version of Windows 8.1 will have to wait until early next year. » zum Artikel

Windows 8.1: The great compromise

Microsoft is poised to release Windows 8.1, a deep and crucial revamping of the Windows 8 ideal. The code is final (though Microsoft reserves the right to tweak it further), and the time for speculation is over. Does Windows 8.1 atone for Windows 8's sins » zum Artikel

Aus CIO-Sicht ist der PC alles andere als passé

Windows 8, Tablets und Smartphones: Aus CIO-Sicht ist der PC alles andere als passé (Foto: dancerP & AF Hair -
Windows 8, Tablets und Smartphones: IT-Chefs wie Andreas Nolte von der Allianz und Thomas Schott von Rehau begrüßen die Endgerätevielfalt und die Möglichkeiten der Desktop-Virtualisierung. Aber auf ihren PC oder Laptop wollen sie deswegen noch lange nicht verzichten. » zum Artikel
  • Karin Quack

Building a 3D printer: 8 hours in 2 minutes

TechHive's 3D printer collection is rapidly growing, and for our latest addition, we decided to shoot a time-lapse video to show the build process from start to finish. Behold: The Printrbot Jr. » zum Artikel

Instagram Explorer puts Instagram on display in Windows 8

You may think an Instagram app that doesn't allow you to take pictures would be kind of pointless...but Instagram Explorer, a Windows 8 app for the Modern user interface, has plenty of potential. Using it is not unlike browsing through the site, but Instagram Explorer brings that experience to Windows 8's alternative view. » zum Artikel

Three cool ways to tweak File Explorer in Windows 8

Microsoft may have bungled a few things with Windows 8 (snark reply: "Just a few!"), but File Explorer isn't one of them. » zum Artikel

Windows 8.1 isn't just an OS, it's a lesson in course correction

PCWorld has already published a hands-on of Windows 8.1. We've examined what's inside the updated system, and we've explained what we still hope to see in future revisions. But we haven't yet presented a final verdict on the new OS, and what Microsoft really accomplished during its Build 2013 developer's conference. » zum Artikel

The top 5 reasons to upgrade to Windows 8.1

The Windows 8.1 preview is here, giving us a first-hand glimpse at the fruits of Microsoft's newfound rapid-release religion. Remolding an operating system in eight scant months is a tall task indeed, and while Windows 8.1 is still far from perfect, Microsoft managed to craft a fairly capable reimagining of its new-look OS in the short time since Windows 8 debuted last October. » zum Artikel

Are miniature Windows 8 tablets useful Surprisingly so

The Acer Iconia W3 flips Windows computing on its head, rotating the screen into an 8.1-inch, easy-to-hold, portrait form factor. This may seem like a trivial improvement, but it's more significant than you might think. » zum Artikel

12 missing features we'd still love to see in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is Microsoft's chance to regain the goodwill lost in the contentious release of the new-look Windows 8 operating system--and by and large, the feature-packed re-do smooths out the OS's more onerous rough edges. (Boot to desktop, and a better Windows Store Yes, please!) Sure, Windows 8.1's improvements are more about refinement than revolution, but this is an update, not a whole new OS. » zum Artikel

Build 2013 keynote: Microsoft unveils Windows 8.1, pledges 'rapid release' schedule

Microsoft formally unveiled Windows 8.1 to developers on Wednesday, with executives promising a "rapid release" schedule to keep the pace of new innovations coming. » zum Artikel

Hands On with Windows 8.1: Microsoft's 'do-over' OS is loaded with features

If you already think Windows 8 is a flawed OS, Microsoft's new 8.1 update won't change your mind. But I've been digging into a preview release of the new system since Tuesday afternoon, and it's clear that Microsoft's course-correction efforts have paid off in loads of convenient new features. » zum Artikel

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With rumours that Apple is planning to unveil its iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 on 15 October, speculation about what the new iPads could look like, and what they'll feature, has been rife.
People are at an increased risk of medical identity fraud, partly because they do not recognize the life-threatening scenarios that could result from having someone else use their credentials to obtain healthcare services, a survey found.
Das Tool Sticky Password verwaltet komfortabel alle Arten von Kennwörtern und ID-Daten, an die Sie mit nur einem Master-Passwort gelangen. Zusätzlich füllt es automatisch entsprechende Webformulare aus und hilft bei der Erstellung sicherer Passworte.