8 ways to master change management

Tech Data CIO John Tonnison doesn't mince words about change management. "The CIO's job is change management," he says. "To do it poorly is fatal."

Everyone in IT is familiar with the micro definition of change management, which involves updating systems using version control, fallback and other methods. But it's the macro definition that's becoming more important: a structured approach to change that not only updates systems but prepares and retrains employees with the goal of reaching a higher level of efficiency and success.

Nowhere is this larger definition more important than in 21st century IT, where the move toward digital business and the disruption caused by the SMAC stack (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) requires a high level of focus on change outcomes.

Given all that, how do you keep from your organization from being in the half that fails at change management Computerworld talked to five experts in IT and consulting, who offered up eight simple rules to help you become a change management master.

Read on for details.

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