Android Auto adds music browsing to dashboard, goes live in 19 new countries

If you’re one of the few with a car that supports Android Auto, you’ll finally be able to look for a new song the next time you’re stuck at a stoplight. 

It’s the benchmark feature in the latest build of Android Auto. Previously to find a new tune in Google Play Music you had to perform a voice search, or look up a playlist or radio station. Even then, you only had access to a limited subset of your media.

The browse feature only works when the vehicle is stopped as a way to help you stay focused on driving. 

Android Auto now works in 19 new countries, which brings the total to 26. Google decided to list the new additions with flag emojis in a Google+ post

The changelog also says you should see a more reliable connection between the phone and the car. You can get the version 1.6 update from the Google Play Store or APK Mirror.

Why this matters: Android Auto is Google’s play for a stake in a world of smarter cars. The standout feature right now is how well the system integrates with Google Maps, which frees you from fumbling for your phone. But integration with Google and third-party services still has some ways to go.


Derek Walter

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