Cut the **** and show me the money -- benefits top tech talent

In-demand and sick of getting lacklustre job offers at interviews or cagey unconfirmed offers Well, US-based has arrived in London in an attempt to change things - with offers up front for the best candidates.

"London has always had a good ecosystem for startups, but the recent rise in technology companies choosing to locate there indicates an unprecedented demand for qualified tech industry candidates, who are more in control of their careers than ever before," said Matt Mickiewicz, founder and CEO of Hired.

He said: "Candidates on Hired get upfront information about all of their job options - including salary, culture and job requirements. This information helps people make great choices about their long-term career goals."

Initial Hired data on salary ranges for different roles include iOS developers on £56,000 in London against $130,000 (£87,000) in New York, Ruby developers on £51,000 in London versus $119,000 (£79,000) in New York, and Javascript developers on £54,000 v $117,000 (£78,000) in Seattle.

UK technology companies Lyst, Geckoboard, WorldRemit and Qubit are already using the London service, said Hired, which says 2,000 firms in the US are using the platform to hire technology staff.

All candidates are reviewed for quality and their interest in finding a new job, said Hired. Once the top candidates are invited to use Hired their profile is shown to relevant hiring companies. Companies are able to engage directly with candidates through the platform to arrange interviews, rather than having to coordinate with a recruiter, making the hiring process faster and more efficient.


Antony Savvas

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