Google search adds details for movies, TV shows, music, and other entertainment searches

Google’s mobile search capability is ever evolving, and the latest tweaks make it a friendlier destination for entertainment information.

According to the Google blog, you’ll see more refined details when searching for musicians, actors, TV shows, and movies.

For example, looking up the not-so-warm-and-fuzzy holiday film Krampus gives you showtimes, links to trailers, and details about the cast.

Also, searching for an artist will provide you with links to their music and videos in third-party apps that have enabled this connection to Google search.

Google says you’ll see the new information right away when you do a search with the Google app or on Chrome for Android. The new features are also coming to iOS.

Why this matters: Getting rid of the additional clutter is a helpful way to make Google search more relevant for entertainment tidbits. This way you’re less likely to jump into another app if you want to find out showtimes or are curious about the tour schedule for that new band you just discovered.


Derek Walter

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