How to enable Safari ad-blockers in iOS 9

As soon as Apple allowed ad-blocking extensions to work in Safari in iOS 9, a slew of apps popped up in the App Store promising iOS users a far more pleasant mobile browsing experience—one without pesky ads.

There are different ad-blockers, or Content Blocking Safari Extensions, as Apple calls them, currently in the App Store, ranging in price from free to a few bucks. (And these apps haven’t come without controversy: Developer Marco Arment has already decided to pull his app, Peace, from the App Store.) Our colleague Glenn Fleishman wrote a very detailed hands-on with several content-blocking apps in iOS 9. But you can’t just download any content-blocking app from the App Store and expect all of the ads to magically disappear.

Watch the video above to see how you can enable your chosen ad-blocker in Settings, and configure the app to customize how you block ads and trackers. Safari even has a new hidden option to reload a page without content blockers, even if you have an ad-blocker enabled.


Oscar Raymundo

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