LG Signature line includes massive ultra-thin OLED TVs, plus fancy fridges and dishwashers

LG’s latest LED/LCD TVs look pretty sharp, but they’re nothing compared to the OLED TVs that the company showed off on Tuesday.

The new “Signature” line of OLED TVs come in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch screen sizes, with both the front and rear sides covered in glass. When viewed from the side, they measure just 0.1 inches thick, about the size of four stacked credit cards (aside from a bulkier section around the base of the TV).

The slim design is just one advantage of OLED, which doesn’t require backlighting like conventional LED/LCD TVs. OLED is also capable of displaying true blacks, because individual pixels don’t produce any light when they’re turned off. As a result, colors appear much more vibrant. The technology is a perfect fit for high dynamic range video, an emerging format that allows for greater levels of contrast in the video signal itself.

Picture quality aside, LG’s OLEDs have a couple other nifty features: The stand doubles as a soundbar, with forward-facing speakers and extra woofers developed with Harmon/Kardon. (Those speakers can fold behind the glass for wall-mounted setups.) LG also mentioned the ability to project images onto the rear glass panel, but didn’t elaborate on exactly how this works.

LG has split its Signature OLED TVs into two models, with the flagship G6 coming in 77-inch and 65-inch sizes, and the E6 coming in 65-inch and 55-inch sizes. There appear to be some small design differences between them, but it’s unclear what other differences might exist.

Beyond televisions, LG also announced a premium refrigerator, dishwashers, and an air purifier as part of the Signature range. The fridge seems especially interesting, with a feature that lets you knock on the right door for a transparent view of its contents, and a door that opens when you press your foot on a projected image on the floor.

The dishwasher, meanwhile, has a 30-inch opening for laundry (for the U.S. version), a smudge-resistant stainless steel finish, an automatic detergent dosing system, and of course plenty of remote control features via smartphone. The air purifier has a filter that lasts up to 10 years, and a light indicator that turns from red to blue as the environment improves.

LG will start rolling out the E6 and G6 televisions in March, but isn’t talking availability dates for the appliances. There’s no word on pricing either; it might be the kind of thing where if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.


Jared Newman

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