OnePlus 2 permanently ditches invite system on Dec. 5

If you’ve been thinking of snagging a OnePlus 2, set a calendar alert for Dec. 5. 

From that date forward, anyone will be able to order one of the best budget phones out there without waiting in line for the infamous OnePlus invite. 

As part of the festivities to celebrate the company’s second birthday, the OnePlus X will also be invite-free, but only from December 5-7. OnePlus is also discounting various accessories and smartphone covers. You can get the full details from the company’s official forum.

Why this matters: We rather liked the OnePlus 2, and found its biggest drawback to be the need to wait around for an invitation to buy one. While this is a smart move to remove this barrier, it’s not likely that OnePlus is ready to give up on invites just yet (you’ll still need one for the OnePlus X after the grace period, after all). Even if the invites are about controlling costs by buying only as much supply as the company needs, the method has worn thin and needs to go.


Derek Walter

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