PSA: Android app video promos take center stage in the Google Play Store

Since it’s Friday and your mind has already drifted away from work, open up the Play Store and see if you spot something new.

You may be one of the many who have an app or game promotional video prominently featured in Google Play. The placement could be based on your recent installs. Given that I downloaded Robinhood a few days ago, the Play Store appears to be using that to suggest Monefy.

Another report finds a video for Runtastic Pro promoted in the same manner.

The video is the same one you would see when visiting the app’s page.This could be some type of A/B test, so there’s just as much a chance you won’t see any of this on your own phone or tablet.

Why this matters: You never know what crazy new idea Google is going to try in one of its apps. Google has made a few tweaks to the Play Store recently to drive more app installs, such as advertisements and app promo codes. There are sure to be more, so be observant next time you want to find a new app to try.


Derek Walter

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