To-do app Wunderlist debuts API integrations with Slack, HipChat and more

If you rely heavily on Slack or HipChat to get you through your work day and cross things off your to-do list, then you should take a look at Wunderlist, the Mac, iOS and Watch app that's already helping Ira Glass manage his time.

On Thursday, Wunderlist released its public API in an effort to become an even more powerful productivity tool and "participate in the growing interconnected network of applications." Popular work chat tools Slack and HipChat have already used Wunderlist's API to integrate to-do alerts. Other API launch partners include Microsoft's digital note-taking app OneNote and its Sunrise calendar app, as well as digital scanning app ScanBot and app automation platform Zapier.

According to TechCrunch, Wunderlist currently boasts 13 million free and paid users. The free version has a limit of 25 assignees, 25 subtasks and 5MB attachments to your tasks. For $5 a month, users can make unlimited use of Wunderlist.

One of the reasons why this cross-platform app has become so popular is that it works well for both individual to-do lists and for managing larger team tasks. Wunderlist can also be used to tackle projects during the workday, as well as more fun leisurely to-do lists during the weekend. Read our full review of the latest version of the Wunderlist app for iOS and OS X.

The impact on you: Berlin-based Wunderlist did not set a specific timeline of when users will be able to make the most out of these API integrations, but it did briefly mention a few ways they could be implemented. Wunderlists with due dates, for example, could be automatically imported to your Sunrise calendar. And comments on a collaborative to-do list can easily show up on the appropriate Slack channel. Dropbox support was already added last fall.

It's also foreseeable that users will be able to modify Wunderlist to-do lists directly from OneNote and vice versa. As for future partners, Wunderlist could be luring your usual suspects when it comes to productivity: Evernote, IFTTT, and maybe even Google's suite of work apps.


Oscar Raymundo

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