Valve accidentally tips Steam Summer Sale start date on Russia's Facebook equivalent

The Steam Summer Sale will kick off June 11 and last through June 20, assuming a post on Russian social media is correct. It's sort of a large assumption to make, but the post in question did originate from Valve's official VKontakte page (Russian Facebook) so this rumor--originally spotted by IGN Russia--does have some credence to it.

If true, it means the Steam Summer Sale is revving up quite a bit earlier than normal this time around. The past few years it's been everywhere from late June to early July, but never this early. It leaves me to wonder whether Valve was attempting to keep this quiet to get the jump on its competitors--the past few years, each Steam sale has been coopted by competitors trying to snag a cut with similar (or steeper) discounts.

And that's undoubtedly true this time around too. Assuming Valve's sale does launch on June 11, I expect Amazon, GOG, Green Man Gaming, GamersGate, Humble, and every other games retailer to launch a summer sale around the same time. This is great! You've got two weeks to budget how much you want to spend befo--

Who am I kidding You're going to end up buying Crypt of the Necrodancer at 4AM, forgetting you have it for a year, then find it and go "Wow, this game is fantastic!" Or you'll buy the entire collection of Splinter Cell games for $5, think to yourself "With a deal this amazing, it's like Valve's paying me," and then never play any of them.

See you in two weeks.


Hayden Dingman

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