VMworld 2015: Hybrid Cloud is the way forward, says VMware

Hybrid Cloud represents a way to solve some of the toughest challenges businesses are facing, according to VMware executive vice-president and general manager, Bill Fathers.

He was speaking at a keynote session during the recent VMworld 2015 by VMware.

Fathers said application scaling leads to latency, which kills revenues. He claimed as businesses scale out into a third party public Cloud, they eventually realise it’s expensive and complicated.

“As a result, when you link hybrid and public Clouds, there’s an evolution in the way you deploy applications – so hybrid applications is the future. It drives the need for close integration between on-premise or private and public Cloud environments,” he said.

In building that claim, VMware’s announced its Unified Hybrid Cloud solution, which aims to be an advancement to seamlessly and securely bridge public and private Clouds.

VMware executive vice-president and general manager of SDDC, Raghu Raghuram, claimed going forward, the company will also be investing in three areas: simplifying the private Cloud, extending the network for a growing number of applications, and improving that reach.

“In the early days, applications were confined to a single server. Then, applications became more complex and spread out across more datacentres. So you want to deliver the best applications for the hybrid Cloud,” he indicated.

Raghuram said in addition to having a public and private Cloud, there’s also the need for a networking and management layer for a seamless architecture. The best way for a unified hybrid Cloud platform.”

As such, VMware has launched VMware EVO SSDC, an automated software suite for delivering the software-defined datacentre as an integrated system, as well as its new VMware Virtual SAN 6.1, a software that advances a hyper-converged infrastructure stack.

Serving as the foundation of VMware’s unified hybrid Cloud platform, the software defined datacentre extends the virtualisation principles of abstraction, pooling, and automation across all datacentre resources and services.

“It lets you scale out to multiple stacks, one rack at a time. Another key benefit, is that it makes the installation of the software defined datacentre easy and quick,” Raghuram mentioned.

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Fathers said the solution is a completely new way to think about a business’ Cloud strategy.

“The future is hybrid Cloud applications and you’ve already got a number of the building locks in place but there’s a lot of capabilities it offers that partners can tap into,” he added.

VMware Cloud native applications vice-president and chief technology officer, Kit Colbert, introduced the company’s vSphere Integrated Containers and VMware Phonton platform, a solution that improves the developer experience while addressing enterprise IT requirements.

“There are many challenges with containers in a virtual machine – management and security are some of those challenges. vSphere integrated containers gives speed and agility of containers and the security and management they need to run it,” he said.

Colbert added that the solution will be soon available in two distribution options – subscription and as an integrated bundle with Cloud foundry (to be available in Q3 and Q4). The Photon controller will be available as an open source solution (coming soon).

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By Hafizah Osman

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