VMworld 2015: IT must adapt to change, says VMware

Eighty per cent of the world is going to have super computing power by 2020, and to make that future a reality, businesses must adapt to change, according to VMware end-user computing executive vice-president and general manager, Sanjay Poonen.

“Software defined datacentre has to connect to an end-user computing world and that means enhancements to desktop and app virtualisation, mobile, and content collaboration. Integration is what we need to focus on,” he said.

Poonen claimed if businesses don’t have a mobile strategy, they will end computing.

“Device management, app management, content management, and identity management all pull together to form this strategy. Future trends like the Internet of Things [IoT] all depend on it,” he said.

As a result, mobility is no longer a choice, but a requirement.

In growing that mobile story, Microsoft and VMware have teamed up to build on Project A-square, a solution that enables the movement of apps from previous Windows OS’ into the Windows 10 environment. It combines VMware’s AirWatch and App Volumes with Windows 10 to make it the most easily managed device in the market, according to Poonen.

“Our vision is for you to have your workplace digitised and in doing that, you can transform the business. But, when it comes to business mobility, security is top priority for it.”

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VMware networking and security senior vice-president and general manager, Martin Casado, added that as applications change, security troubleshooting becomes a key challenge. Casado indicated datacentre security should become the top priority to prevent new threats and adopt best practices.

Adding on to the topic of security and adapting to change, he launched VMware NSX 6.2, with advanced security services. He also said the aim of the upgrade is to create trust in services on any infrastructure.

“We’ve gone from being the Flinstones to becoming the Jetsons in less than 18 months. Provisioning is now a single click process and networking virtualises all areas including switching and routing. Virtualisation is at the perfect position to debugging both hardware and software.

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“The new security challenge is creating trusted services even on physical infrastructures we don’t trust. And in the context of an application becoming a distributed service, that means protecting the confidentiality of the data integrity as it moves across the network,” he added.


By Hafizah Osman

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