Antivirus Test: A Quest for Nearly Objective Rankings


* AV: Bull Guard Infections found: 31,608 Comments: Worked fairly fast, taking only 15 minutes to flag 31,608 pieces of software However, the product froze the computer when I tried to use the GUI to remove the flagged malware.

* AV: CA Infections found: 24,996 Comments: Unfortunately CA only found 68.59 percent of my malware. If I were a "black hat" I would certainly want to know which enterprises are using CA Antivirus.

* AV: Clam Infections found: 22,247 Comments: Despite being a huge supporter of open source software, I'm afraid that a 75-percent success rate is too low for me to consider seriously. Missing 25 percent of the test data translates into 9,109 pieces of malware and I don't think many people would think twice about paying 50 beans for the extra protection.

* AV: Comodo Infections found: 36,492 Comments: By far and away this was the fastest AV scanner that I tested. Comodo scanned thought all 36,438 malware in only 6 minutes. However, it appears that this speed comes at a price. The software flagged and "removed" 54 more instances of malware than were actually on the computer.

* AV: Dr. Web Infections found: 34,114 Comments: Spartan and quirky user interface. The aforementioned notwithstanding though, this software found 93.62 percent of all the malware. And it did this in only 14 minutes! I was impressed!

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