Coverity reveals multithreaded development tool

Software quality assurance provider Coverity has released a new tool that will allow application developers to write more secure code for multithreaded applications.

Multithreaded applications are specifically designed to take advantage of the increasing number of multicore processors available in the market.

A multicore CPU combines two or more independent cores into a single package composed of a single integrated circuit. Last month, a senior Intel executive admitted that while multicore chips will help meet growing computing demands, it could create more challenges for programmers writing code.

This is because as technology develops at a fast rate, developers are being forced to rapidly adapt to programming for multicore systems. Specifically, programmers have to transition from programming for single-core processors to multiple cores, all the while future-proofing the code to keep up-to-date in case additional cores are added to a computing system.

Coverity as a company specializes in detecting coding flaws in C/C++ and Java software, and its new tool, Coverity Thread Analyzer for Java, is touted as a dynamic analysis tool for multithreaded applications.

It says that it can automatically detect concurrency defects that can cause data corruption and application failures.

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