HBO Will Make it Easier to Cut the Cable Cord


Other studies, including one from Morgan Stanley and reported by Forbes, indicate that the shift is less significant.

Ultimately it doesn't matter which analysts are right. Streaming technology and the devices that make it possible to enjoy programming without a cable contract are clearly pushing the entertainment and broadcasting industries. Netflix, for example, was the first streaming service to begin producing its own programming with hit shows including "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black." Amazon had less success with its Amazon Originals series, but it continues to crank out new shows.

HBO already offers streaming video with HBO Go subscriptions. In the United States, only consumers who subscribe to HBO via a pay-TV service can access it. We're talking major change here. HBO has a good deal of clout, is an industry leader, and others are sure to follow its lead. That's great news for cord cutters and those who aspire to be. 


Bill Snyder

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