Watch Google I/O livestream here

Google I/O 2015 kicks off Wednesday, May 28, from the Moscone Center in San Francisco, at 9 a.m. PST (Noon EST.) So it's just about smack-dab in the center of the working week, if you're on the East Coast.

That might well mean that you're just sitting down to lunch, so you could do a lot worse than tune in right here for a live stream of the opening keynote. What, exactly, is going to be said, we don't know, but the kickoff is generally where Google makes the biggest, splashiest announcements of the event. These may be big surprises, so make sure you're not facing your monitor if you have to do a spit-take.

A recent report from The Information even suggests that Google could be about to roll out its big platform for IoT, dubbed "Brillo." Brillo would be Google's latest swing at the IoT market, having missed by a certain distance with Android@Home and the purchase of the Nest thermostat.

We also have our own educated guesses about the main event at this year's Google I/O. You can check out my own picks here, and read Steven Max Patterson's at the Philandroid blog here. And while there might not be a parachute jumping demonstration this year, maybe they'll try something equally exciting, like having Sergey Brin parasail up Market Street behind a Google Bus (Man, I really hope they do that one.)

Whatever it is, it's likely to be the biggest news Google's going to make this year I/O has seen the company release major Android versions, streaming music services, Google Wave, the first Chromebooks and much, much more.

In any case, you can watch it live right here at Network World. Join us, won't you


Jon Gold

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