Application Integration and Web Services

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Are your processes and operations making it easier to do business?

An enterprise nervous system (ENS) is an application-level network that provides unifying connectivity among people, application systems and devices in different locations and different business units. Enterprises should explicitly plan and manage their ENS through a central integration competency centre rather than letting their ENS emerge in an uncoordinated fashion. Those that have a plan, an architecture and a full-time team managing their ENS early in its evolution, will have a significant competitive advantage over those that do not manage their evolution to the ENS.

At our 2002 conference we will give you practical advise on how to start the ENS planning process and give you a road map to ENS implementation. Now in it's fourth successful year, our Application Integration conference is the only event dedicated to this topic. Leading analysts will show you how applications, business processes and operations can work together functionally, flexibly and simply. Improve your business agility and increase your competitive advantage.

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