Dead or Alive 5's Steam release proves terrible PC ports still exist

Every time I think we're out of the "insulting PC ports" era, some developer has to go and ruin it. Team Ninja released Dead or Alive 5 Last Round on Steam today, and while I admittedly don't even care about this game in the least, the quality of the PC version is pretty damn egregious for those who do.

The PC version of the game was already delayed from a February 17 release date to March 30. However, the game still launched without online multiplayer today--a feature that the Steam page says "will be added in a patch within 3 months of release." So between now and...the end of June.

There's also a weird stipulation in the features section that says "Effects: Equivalent to PS3 version" even though the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are already released. Players have also noted that the other major feature from those PS4/Xbox One versions--the "Soft Engine," used to make skin look softer (or however you say that without sounding creepy)--is missing too.

And it's also missing the PS4/Xbox One version's new stages, there's no keyboard remapping, and all settings configuration has to be done outside the app.

There's even been speculation on Reddit that work wasn't even done to port the PS4/Xbox One versions at all. Instead, some players think Koei Tecmo took the arcade version of the game and just spruced it up a bit, which would explain why so many features and the new levels are missing.

The one bone Koei Tecmo tossed PC users is 4K resolution support, but otherwise this looks like a slapdash release you should avoid at all costs--if not because it's totally broken, to at least to stick it to companies who release half-assed garbage on the PC and leave it to modders to fix. I don't know whether the Steam version is gimped because of incompetence (a la Dark Souls) or because nobody cared about this release, but either way you should probably save your money.

Hopefully Koei Tecmo takes the feedback/criticism the way From Software did with the Souls series and steps it up for next time.


Hayden Dingman

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