In It For The Long Haul

Von Todd Datz

"We believe technology drives productivity, and we continueto push aggressively to drive productivity gains within ourcorporation," Arves says.

That type of thinking is warmly embraced by DonSchneider. "We hire competent people," he says. "What wewant to do is give them as much information and as manytools as we possibly can so they can be as effective as theycan." He insists the company doesn´t do technology fortechnology´s sake. "It´s for the customers and ultimatelythey have to pay for it," he says. "So there has to be valuein it."

Led by Schneider, who is entering his fourth decade at thehelm of his father´s venerable company, the colossal orangefleet rolls on, a thundering herd of old economy trucksmasking a decidedly information age modus operandi.

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