Shocker! Cape Cod cops discover iPhone stun gun

A Cape Cod police department made what you might call a stunning discovery on New Year's Eve: A young intoxicated man illegally in possession of an electroshock device that looked an awful lot like an Apple iPhone.

While rumors are piling up about what Apple might include in the iPhone 7 this year, weaponry is not among the scuttlebutt.

According to the Yarmouth Police Department report, officers responded to a suspicious call -- and hangup -- about an assault. The police pinged the phone to find its last location, and when they arrived at the South Yarmouth spot they found two intoxicated males who denied being involved in any sort of altercation.

However, one of the officers saw one of the suspects toss something on the ground nearby. While it appeared initially to be an iPhone, it turned out to be "an electronic stun gun type of device which is illegal in Massachusetts except for Law Enforcement personnel," according to the cops.

The 19-year-old suspect was then found to have 17 various fireworks in his backpack. In Massachusetts those are illegal, too. The suspect, from Rhode Island, was also found to be in possession of a couple of oxycodone pills that did not appear to have been prescribed to him.

While this is an unusual case, iPhones are no strangers to police reports, between black market schemes and thefts. Though police says a kill switch implemented by Apple has helped to discourage iPhone robberies in recent years.


Bob Brown

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