Aer Lingus gives staff mobile access to finance systems

Aer Lingus is offering its employees a mobile app that connects to its finance systems, "to ensure greater financial control and compliance" of the one billion euro the business spends every year.

The Irish airline will deploy a suite of Advanced Business Solutions that will allow its employees to approve its 50,000 financial transactions each year, while on the go.

Approved transactions include requisitions, invoices and new supplier requests and will appear as a list in the Advanced Air Approvals app, categorised by type.

Aer Lingus' Advanced finance system links to the app through the vendor's cloud-based Air Administration gateway. The gateway lets Aer Lingus' IT team restrict and monitor app usage.

The app allows staff to use their AppleApple or AndroidAndroid smartphones and tablets when they are offline as transactions will be recorded and processed when a network connection becomes available. Alles zu Android auf Alles zu Apple auf

John Greene, head of Data Governance and Enterprise Reporting at Aer Lingus, said: "Investing in mobile technologies is a key part of our IT strategy to maintain a competitive advantage. We saw an opportunity to extend this by streamlining our back-office processes to offer greater mobility and visibility to senior staff that spend time out of the office."

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