Amazon optimizes Kindle Store for iPhone

11.05.2009 on Monday announced the launch of a Kindle Store optimized specifically for the Safari Web browser found on the iPhone. The store works hand-in-hand with the Kindle software that's been available for the iPhone since March.

The Kindle is's e-book reader, a device that enables users to purchase and download books and periodicals and read them using an "e-paper" display that provides a more natural, book-like reading experience than reading content from a backlit LCD display. Content is delivered wirelessly and almost instantly using's "WhisperSync" technology. Alles zu Amazon auf

The for the iPhone -- available for free download from the App Store -- provides iPhone and iPod touch users with access to the content in their Kindle catalog--the Kindle Store currently features 280,000 books, with many best sellers and new releases priced at $10 or less.

The new Kindle Store has been tailored for the size and shape of the iPhoneiPhone and iPod touch, providing iPhone users with easier access to the content. Users can shop for books using Safari, access their entire library of Kindle books, adjust text size, add bookmarks and view notes and highlights. Alles zu iPhone auf

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