Court throws out lawsuit over storage on iPhones, iPads

The story, "Court throws out lawsuit over storage on iPhones, iPads," which ran Thursday, reported incorrectly that the case has been thrown out. Apple requested that the case be thrown out, but the court has yet to issue a ruling.

The headline, the deck, and the first and second paragraphs have been corrected.

The headline now reads: Apple asks court to throw out lawsuit over storage on iPhones, iPads

The deck now reads: The suit claims Apple misled consumers about how much space iOS 8 takes up

The corrected first paragraph reads:

Apple has asked a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit accusing it of misleading customers about the amount of storage available in mobile devices that come with iOS 8.

The corrected second paragraph reads:

Apple filed a motion for dismissal Wednesday at the district court in San Jose, California, saying the plaintiffs failed to back up their arguments. It wants the case dismissed with prejudice, which would prevent the plaintiffs from suing Apple again for the same thing. Judge Edward Davila will now have to rule on the motion.

IDG News Service staff

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