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Enterprise Content Management


In the early adopter phase of the ECM market, Documentum has been a clear leader, and is the vendor with which all the other significant players are competing. Many vendors who previously specialised in either WCM or Document Management (DM) have repositioned themselves to address the wider needs of the ECM market, but this is not always an easy task. We believe that Vignette and divine are the first two to emerge from the pack, with Stellent and Interwoven as further contenders, provided the latter stops believing it is a middle-tier vendor.

IBM has taken a visionary approach, defining a very powerful infrastructure for ECM, but the execution of its strategy does not yet match the ambition. Once its offering has evolved, IBM will be strongly positioned. Microsoft, by contrast, has not yet committed fully to this space. We do not believe that Microsoft's Content Management Server can be classed as an ECM product, but the company will undoubtedly develop a more aggressive strategy.

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